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Guns found within reach of children at suspect’s apartment

October 15, 2016

Charges have been filed against a suspect who was arrested for gun and drug-related charges, as well as child endangerment in Madera.

According to Madera County District Attorney David A. Linn, the charges were filed against John Diaz, 22, on Friday.

Diaz, a gang member, was arrested Wednesday by the Madera Police Department when Special Investigations Unit officers served a search warrant on an apartment in the 400 block of Knox Street. During their search, officers reportedly found a double-barreled shotgun, and a sawed-off shotgun, along with ammunition and cocaine. According to Madera Police Sgt. Josiah Arnold, one of the shotguns was located behind a sofa cushion, where it was within easy reach of the children who live in the apartment, and was loaded with slug ammunition.

A slug is a heavy, solid projectile which, when fired from a shotgun, can cause great damage.

“We will not tolerate violence in our streets,” Arnold said. “The citizens of Madera deserve safe neighborhoods. The children growing up in our town deserve a childhood free from pressure to join gangs.”

According to Linn, Diaz was at the apartment on a visit, and the mother of the children, Mariah Diaz, 19, is also facing charges.


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