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You can keep your Facebook secrets

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webmaster | 11/02/12

California has a new law that makes it illegal for an employer to ask an employee for the employee’s Facebook password. I see that law as another good reason to have the Legislature meet only every other year, and then for just three months.

I’ll tell you right now we didn’t need that law, at least not as far as I am concerned. If my employer did ask for my Facebook page password, I would have to say “I don’t know it,” because I don’t.

I believe I do have a Facebook page, because I had to get one to look at something on Facebook that somebody wanted me to see. But once I had seen that particular thing (I think it may have been a photo of a cat that looked like the one that rents us our house for two bowls of kibble a day, but I’m not sure), I closed up Facebook and forgot about it.

But Facebook has not forgotten about me, or at least that’s the impression I have. I keep getting emails from Facebook wanting to know why I haven’t signed on again. It is as though that whole room full of billionaires who own Facebook are sitting on the edges of their chairs, waiting for me to type in my password. I haven’t responded. As far as I’m concerned, they can keep sitting.

Somewhere I heard that Internet criminals pretending to be Facebook are always emailing suckers like me, hoping we will email them back and they can send us spiders and cookies. It sounds just like Halloween, only in reverse.

I wouldn’t be interested in getting anyone else’s Facebook password, either. I understand some people send photos of themselves naked to others on Facebook. I’m certainly not interested in seeing any of that on Facebook or anywhere else. Nor would I send photos of myself without clothes. I look bad enough with clothes on.

You wouldn’t want my Facebook password even if I could remember it.


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