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Writer unhappy with Scout vote

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webmaster | 06/05/13

For about 100 years or so we had an organization formed to teach boys the values needed for living a life of character as future voting and leading citizens. It seems necessary that one must define character for this generation which lacks a clear idea of its meaning. Character is the habit of making every choice consistent with a set of values that have stood the test of time. I don’t apologize that these values are stated in God’s word, the Bible; I do expect to be maligned by those who disagree that these are values worthy of imitation. They were written for our edification to give us true wisdom.

We witness daily the result of abandoning these values principally in the areas of dishonesty, violence, few covenant marriages, illegitimacy, divorce, fetal murder, gang violence, sexual deviance, pedophilia and so on. The choices which lead to these destructive behaviors begin when no boundaries are set for our children as to what is right and wrong, moral and immoral.

If one wishes to take advantage of others, pursue pleasure without responsibility, or put any personal desire before the respect of his fellows, why would he want to have any boundaries. With little reflection, we can identify those who rage against us, shout us down, create laws ignoring what evil is. They who do this know and don’t care about right or wrong; they have justified their desires by ignoring the truth.

Those who voted to approve homosexual membership in the Boy Scouts of America can only be of two types of persons: Afraid in the face of badgering by interest groups, or persons who have decided to further their own values which are counter to Christian values. Both are operating counter to the character fundamental to scouting.

What are we to do now? Remain silent, cow to those destroying the very boys we are trying develop as men of character? I suggest that we form a new group, Boys of Character and disdain the former organization Boy Scouts of.... The values they now aspire to are counter to American values as I remember them in my youth.

Roger Eulberg,
Former Boy Scout


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