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Writer takes school board to task

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webmaster | 01/22/14

Madera area residents need to get the message. Some of these MUSD board trustees have been practicing indecision for 20 years. It was just last September the MUSD board raised the developer fees. Now four month later they have voted to reduce these fees with the understanding if it turns out to be another mistake, they can raise the same fees again. Does this sound like a school board in control of school issues.

Each time they make an independent decision without the benefit of hundreds of thousands of dollars in consultation fees, the board has to go back and reverse themselves. Just two years ago when the MUSD board was setting the area boundaries, one of the 20-plus-years trustees was placed outside the area he was representing. This trustee was not a happy camper!

Less than one year ago the selection of MUSD’s superintendent became mired in serious conflict that resulted in scrapping the then-front runner,for whom the MUSD board had spent more than $25,000 in a search. The vacillating, indecision, and record of poor choices have been the legacy of this MUSD board. The members of the MUSD board all voted yes in these examples and a lot more.

The current debacle just presented this past Tuesday involves lowering the graduation criteria from a 2.0 (C), to a 1.0 (D). The expectations and respect for our children in the school district is about to take another hit. The reason given was school is too hard for some of our kids. Realize that a (D) could be .01 to 1.99; do you want your child graduating with a grade point of .01 to 1.99?

Come on, Madera, let’s look behind the green door and see what’s waiting for us on the other side. Take part in your school district. Attend those out-of-control late night school board meetings. I have another observation. Why doesn’t the MUSD board hold their closed door sessions on the off Tuesdays instead of conducting public meetings into the 11 and 12 p.m. hours while they bicker and argue from 5:30 to 7 or 7:30 p.m. Oh I remember, the MUSD does not work for the Madera residents, or even serve Madera residents. I believe the term is “self servant”.

Just one more note: Several of these board members will be seeking higher elective positions in the near future. Is this the kind of representation you want? If yes, the choice is simple, vote Yes for them. If you want a change, vote for someone who has not demonstrated the inability to run your Madera Unified School District. I really am tired of hearing, “I voted yes before I voted no”, or... “vote yes and then you can read about the contents”. The MUSD board of trustees needs to clean up its act. Help them, Mr. Superintendent.

Charles Genseal,


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