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Writer takes issue with letter on big oil

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webmaster | 03/21/12

This letter is to respond to Mary Joyce’s letter in the Monday, March 12, Madera Tribune. She said that she was “appalled” that Jeff Denham voted for “big oil.” She talks about the animals, birds and reptiles she and her visitors see on her property, and that they give her great pleasure. I have one thing to say to her: Hypocrite!

I voted for Jeff, and I say, “Good and keep up the good work.”

First of all I doubt that her visitors didn’t walk to her home, nor did they ride a horse and buggy. They probably drove there in some type of vehicle that uses some form of petroleum product. Be it gasoline, diesel, LPG, or natural gas, big oil produced it.

She said she lives in Ahwahnee, so I assume that it is in a house. How does she heat her home or power it? Electricity, LPG or natural gas? I would hope that she doesn’t burn wood to keep her home warm on those cold winter nights, because she is causing air pollution if she does.

Natural gas is used to make electricity along with coal; there is some hydro power at times; but mother nature has to give us the water to flow down the rivers and dams to produce it.

I’m sure that Mary cut some trees down while building her home, or the contractor did, but that’s okay, right? Because it was for her. I’m sure that while Mary’s home was being built she didn’t disturb any of the critters she talked about, because if she did, she would be no different than the big oil companies, but that’s okay when it’s for her, right?

Big oil companies produce many products that make all of our lives easier and more enjoyable. Many of the products made today are from byproducts of the oil industry. The oil industry has cleaned up its act over many years and is so heavily regulated that it can’t make any mistakes, and when it does, it pays for it many times over. Look at the Gulf Coast and the BP disaster. They are paying many billions of dollars for their mistake.

The area has been cleaned up, the animals, birds and reptiles are doing just fine.

How do I know this? Because if that wasn’t the case the liberal media would be all over the issue. When was the last time anyone has brought the subject up? Take a look at the Alaska pipeline, when was the last time there was a problem with it?

I, for one, say “Drill, baby, drill.” I’d like to see this country of ours become completely independent from all foreign oil. Energy independence will help strengthen our country, put many people to work and get our economy going again.

I hope that I didn’t offend Mary Joyce, but she needs to stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

Jim Cavallero,

Help needed with Sober Grad Night

Since 1985 Madera High has not had a single death of a student the night of graduation. In many communities this night begins in celebration and ends in tragedy because of senseless drinking and using other drugs. It is tragic not only for families, but especially a life that is filled with promise is lost.

Madera High needs your help. Since 1985 Madera High has put on sober grad, an all-night party that begins after graduation. This party allows students to bring one guest, hang out with friends all night and win prizes. The grads also stay in a safe environment. We need your help.

  • We are looking for financial contributions from the community to pay for sodas, prizes and other items to make the night a success. All donations are given through Madera High School and are tax deductible.
  • If you have any prizes that you can donate or your business can donate, we will be glad to share with the students. The more prizes that are available, generally the more students are excited to attend.
  • We need help setting up. Many parents of seniors are busy prior to graduation and immediately after. If night time is hard for you, but you would like to help in the morning cleaning up, we would appreciate it.
  • We need people who can stay and work throughout the night, from cutting up pizza to making sure that the students are staying hydrated. Any help will be welcome.
  • Lastly we need parents who want to run committees or be on committees. We will have a couple of short meetings to explain the process. Many hands make light work.

Our first meeting will be at 6 p.m. in the Madera High School cafeteria March 28. Your attendance is greatly appreciated.

If you have questions, feel free to email Tim Riché at riche_t at or call 824-5978. Or contact Janet Seibert at seibert_J at or call 232-9211.

Tim Riché and Janet Seibert,
Madera High School


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