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Writer assesses the candidates

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webmaster | 10/29/12

As I opened my laptop this morning, I looked in awe into the faces of my six grandchildren on my screen-saver; past the 2-D images into who they are and who they will be some day. I am so very concerned for what their lives will be in the near and distant future.

With this in mind, for the first time, I must share who I will be voting for in the coming election. None of these persons has asked for my endorsement and some have different views than mine on some important issues.

I encourage all to educate themselves on the candidates and their positions on the issues.

Starting with an easy one first.

As a last-minute holdout, Jim Costa sold his Obama Care vote for High-Speed Rail funding that, an overwhelming number of Valley citizens clearly don’t want or need. He does not represent us and he is not one of us, as his materials state. I will be voting for Brian Whelan. He is a fresh spirit and will bring better than what Costa has to our valley. As I watched Rico Oller’s body language at a Meet the Candidate Night in February and listened to his presentation, I was completely turned off by his arrogance and dismissive attitude towards his opponent. I will be voting for Frank Bigelow.

Dianne Feinstein absolutely does not represent the needs and morals of our community, our city and county. She is an “accessory to the fact” that we, the taxpayers, through Obama Care, will be paying for abortions. Call me old fashioned, but I do not want MY taxes paying for abortions. Those who do should start a fund and pony up the cost. Seems fair to me. I will be voting for Elizabeth Emken. She has my vote by default. President Obama’s agenda is larger government with dependence of more and more people on the government. He does not love what America stands for and we will not survive four more years of his kingship. See the DVD, “President Obama 2016”. It’s at the county library and available for two-day takeout use.

I will be voting for Mitt Romney. And for those Christians who say they can’t vote for a Mormon, I ask, if your children were in a life-threatening, near-drowning situation, would you tell them to refuse a life-ring thrown by a Mormon? I hope not.

In the 3rd District supervisor’s race I will be voting for Rick Farinelli. Both candidates are well qualified, but I believe Farinelli’s business background with many different hats and experience with thousands of employees gives him the edge. We need someone fresh to politics who’s not afraid to really shake things up. His being endorsed by Congressman Tom McClintock is real important to me.

Robert Garibay for school board trustee is not on my ballot, but he would have my vote if he was. He is a numbers guy and I believe he will continue to do his best to keep our school district out of fiscal problems while helping our children have the best we can afford.

Ray Siebert also is not on my ballot but because of his experience on the board and his commitment to students and high school ag development, he would be my choice if he were on my ballot.

Please vote! It’s important that we all do our part in running our government at every level. “We the people” means us. We must by voting elect those who best represent what we believe is best for us, our children and grandchildren. Look into their faces and go vote.

Jon Barsotti,


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