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Will birthers challenge Ted Cruz?

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webmaster | 08/27/13

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  • “Hey, Tea Party,” began a man. “Have you read what Bush and Cheney did, or did you forget? How dare you blame Obama for what the Bush administration did. As for (Sen. Ted) Cruz, he was born in Canada. Where’s all the birthers now? I don’t hear nothing.”
  • “The Chamber’s (of Commerce) Lifetime Awards dinner was, as usual, very good,” began a man. “And it is sure nice to finally see you don’t have to be a member of the Chamber to receive the honor. There are a lot of wonderful Madera people out there that have done so much but don’t belong to the Chamber, but deserve recognition. It’s about time, Chamber. Keep up the good work.”
  • A lady said “another thing about the (Joaquin) Murrieta ride. Those poor horses aren’t dancing because they’re trained. They are dancing because those people have spurs the length of knives digging into their sides and the most severe bit there is in the horse’s mouth. Kicking them with those spurs is an inhumane act. I don’t understand how the animal activists allow it. I guess, because of their ignorance and the money they raise is for a party for them.”
  • “We can’t get a delivery driver out here to deliver our paper,” began a woman. “We’ve been getting the Tribune through the mail and I don’t know what is going on with that because we didn’t get our paper today through the mail.” (Editor’s note: We’re still trying to solve the rural carrier problem.)
  • A man said, “apparently assistant district attorney Ed Gill committed prosecutorial misconduct for falsifying documents. Yet, District Attorney Michael Keitz sees fit to keep him on staff and continue paying him.”
  • A lady said, “Between the DA and the tax collector I don’t know which one is worse. How embarrassing for Madera County. Maybe we should get rid of all the elected officials and have somebody that works from the bottom to the top. That way they know their job and what to do ... I hope there are people out there that are going to run because there is not one that deserves to stay in office. And what’s really sad, is that everything that is written is true.”
  • A man “suggested that some trees be removed between the Madera County Museum and the courthouse. There is a walkway (across Yosemite) between the two buildings and there are four trees that make it very hard to see a pedestrian. It would be nice to see them removed before someone gets hurt. Maybe someone with some authority can get it done.”

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