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Why teachers can’t go on strike

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webmaster | 04/23/13

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  • A man called about “the article regarding the races at the speedway on Saturday night. First, I want to thank the promoter for reducing the fees down to $5 which, as a former racer and fan, we have been asking for the last five years. I do have a problem with some of the statements the promoter made. There was not a ‘packed house’ on Saturday. There was probably less than 800 people in a venue that holds 3,500. The car count is way down. There were only 20 cars that took the green flag. It was a boring race and people did not have a good time. To get more racers he needs to lower the prices at the back gate for the drivers who put on the show for the fans. He also needs to turn off the microphone of the announcer.”
  • A fast-talking lady “was sitting around when I heard someone trying to get in my house. I looked out and there was a guy on my porch. I called the police and told them someone was trying to break into my house. They asked me all kinds of questions. Then it took them forever to get here and the guy had already left. If I had shot the guy they would have put me in jail.”
  • Another woman said, “The teachers can’t go on strike. I will be stuck all day at home with my kids. I’m a single mom and have to have some free time to go shopping or to the movies.”
  • “This message goes to the lady driving the white SUV, “began a caller. “On Monday morning, April 8, at 6:55 a.m. you seemed to be running behind your schedule and made a potentially deadly decision to pass a semi-truck on a solid double yellow line on a blind curve over the Gateway Drive overpass near Almond Avenue. You narrowly missed my car head-on and I had to slam on my breaks as did the semi-truck driver so you could pass. Your reckless, blatant disregard for your safety and those of others could have ended tragically that morning. You are a horrible driver. Learn to drive or get off the road before you end a life.”
  • A woman “just wanted to say this about immigration. They say they came here to work. There is no work, only in the fields. There’s strawberries in Tulare that need to be picked. He needs workers, but all these people do is have babies and are on welfare. They give immigration a bad name. The families that came here before these wanted to better themselves. These people today didn’t come here to work in the fields. They came to work in drugs and meth. Go home.”
  • A lady said, “I just read the Red Line. How ridiculous The Madera Tribune would print comments about teachers that are not accurate. I value the education my children are getting. My daughter will go to college, my children can read. Thank you, teachers. I just don’t understand why the city of Madera don’t value the people that educate our children.”
  • A caller said, “the teachers of Madera do not want a raise. They want the district not to cap our benefits. Plus the district wants us to go to training after 80 hours and not pay us a cent. Don’t they know the 13th Amendment abolished slavery?”
  • “Why doesn’t the district want to pay teachers for extra training?” asked a lady. “Were they raised by Nazis?”
  • A man sarcastically said he “thought it was wonderful how Super King restaurant has gotten wonderful, free advertising the last three weeks by people calling into the Red Line to see how great this place is. It wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t someone connected with the restaurant.”
  • A woman was “disgusted with the news media that ignores the murder trial going on of Dr. Gozno, an abortionist, accused of (allegedly) murdering seven newborn by cutting their spines with scissors. The media has intentionally ignored his house of horrors. Why haven’t we seen this, at least by our Madera Tribune?” (Editor's note: The Madera Tribune did print a story on this trial, on Page A1.)
  • A man had “a comment about law enforcement using cell phones while on duty. Does the cell phone belong to the law enforcement agency they work for, or is it their personal cell phone? If it belongs to the agency then we can be probably assured it is being used for business. If it is their own phone then they are not. That to me would be illegal. We need to check this out.”
  • A woman responded about the caller concerned “about police officers talking on cell phones and how they are going to be cracking down on April 3 and April 16 during distracted driving awareness month. What they don’t know is that law enforcement is exempt from that law. There is a reason for that … period.”
  • A woman responded to the call and complaint “about the fresh fruit vendors on Sherwood and Country Club. It sounds like she’s white. Lady, get a life.”
  • A man called on “the micromanagers at Parks and Recreation. The biggest micromanager of them all is the Recreation Programs Supervisor.”
  • A “first-time caller” said, “on the sports page about track and field you covered the (Madera South High) Stallions girls 11th place and a girl with a 7-foot pole vault. But there is no mention of all about North’s (Actually, the correct term is Madera High, not North) 100-meter runner that holds the valley record now. I just find it interesting you put all this information in about a couple of girls from South and you don’t put anything in about Madera High’s runner. Maybe you should put something in that is newsworthy.”
  • “This is for Mr. Ramirez” began a lady. “You were quoted in Friday’s paper you were upset that his seven employees and drivers were arrested and deported for not having legal papers. Shame on you Mr. Ramirez for hiring people that are not in the country legally and more shame on you for allowing someone to drive without a driver’s license or insurance, breaking all the rules.”
  • A woman said, “If you are a divorced mother whose parents do everything for your kids and the grandparents say they don’t want to see their dad. Then you put pictures of them on Facebook riding quads, holding guns with smiles on their faces. Do the grandparents really need to get between a dad and his children just because they have money? God bless America and good dads.”
  • A man “had two gripes. I go to watch my grandson at Little League and I have never seen so many filthy grownups throw their trash, plastic and bottles. It is a nice park for grownups and kids. The other thing is: I don’t know why they can’t say over the loudspeaker to please pick up your trash before you leave. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do that. Why doesn’t the park guy get together with the coaches and parents to make that announcement? We don’t have to have filthy parks.”

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