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Why she opposes Proposition 31

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webmaster | 10/17/12

I am writing to urge you to reconsider your support of California Ballot Proposition 31.

The proposition has some components that sound helpful but the flaws outweigh the benefits. Prop 31 adds to the California Constitution by 8,000 words. It proposes adding a section which allows for counties and groups within a county to set up community strategic action plans. Governing bodies such as counties and cities can work together to form a plan and then receive state funds to enact their plan.

Prop 31 sets up a trust fund to flow into those counties willing to work with others on a strategic action plan. All other counties won’t get any funding, but they still have to contribute tax money. Also, if a county sets up one of these action plans, they can exempt themselves from state regulations that get in the way of their plan.

No matter how beautiful that might sound, it is wrong for certain counties to be able to exempt themselves from state law as a “reward” for developing a community action plan.

Article XI A sect. 4 a and b tells us how this fund is set up. It says “money in the fund shall be continuously appropriated solely for the purposes provided in this article.” Where does this money come from? US — you and me. Our state funds are already low; we do not need to divert them to another program. These plans would be administered by whatever committee is set up by the groups involved. We already know how well unelected boards respond to the needs of the people; for example: The Air Quality Control Board. We do not need an unelected board set up between the county and state government setting policy for us and spending our money.

Please go to the California Secretary of State Web site and read about Prop.31

A quote from the state website under figure 2 — major Fiscal Effects of Proposition is: Implementation Costs: Potentially millions, to tens of millions of dollars annually, moderating over time. Effects of new requirements — Cannot be predicted.

How can any thinking person vote for a proposition with unpredictable results and potentially tens of millions of dollars of costs?

Vote no on Prop 31.

Susan Hansen,


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