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Why he's voting no on Prop. 30

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webmaster | 10/08/12

The primary reason I will vote no on Prop. 30 to raise our taxes is that Gov. Brown has not made a real effort to reduce spending. He, like President Obama, only know how to increase taxes. He has avoided the illegal alien issue altogether even though nationwide they cost the taxpayers billions. 

California unemployment is really 20 percent, and of the $210 billion budget we have a $50 billion deficit.  Gov. Brown also signed a bill that gives drivers’ licenses to those President Obama gives illegal amnesty. So not only will illegal aliens be able to drive, get a job, use tax dollars to go to college, they will be able to vote in California. We will be ripe for voter fraud with online registration which will come about. 

No one will know if the new voter is animal, vegetable, mineral or human — dead or alive. And you thought we have honest elections?

Other states have had the same financial problems as California, such as New Mexico, Wisconsin, Virginia and Ohio, but those states turned themselves around. The difference is those states are led by Republican governors and they did not raise their taxes to do it.

I read of Dave Minier’s new book and he paints a dire and dark future for the U.S. if Obama is reelected.  The president wants to be a dictator, and has issued 923 executive orders in just 40 months and we now have a $16 trillion-dollar debt.

Frank Bradford,


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