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Why doesn’t Mexico fix its problems?

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webmaster | 02/18/13

In response to the commentary by Jill Richardson, I would like to make some suggestions which everyone seems to ignore in discussing the plight of the people coming from Mexico illegally.

I want to express my sincere concern and respect for all those who are not able to be with their loved ones, and also those who have placed their life on the line to come to the United States.

Everyone always seems to note the wrongs which we do here in the United States, but no one seems to address the real issue of the suppression of the people in Mexico. If NAFTA has caused the people problems with selling their goods, why aren't they speaking to their president and get it overturned?

President Felipe Calderon came to our Congress and spoke of how unfair we treat the people that come illegally to our country, but doesn't seem to want to address the issues of why they are leaving their families to find work in the United States.

President Felipe Calderon was part of the problem, and if the Mexican families are willing to put their life on the line to come to the United States why don’t they take that energy and make their country prosperous?

They need to stand up for their land and the laws that are keeping them from staying in their country. There have been many people who have had to wait to go through the immigration process, and they waited and did it the correct way. I hear of all the unjust situations in Mexico, but I do not understand why the people are not standing up for their rights. Cesar Chavez stood up for the workers in our fields, where are the people who will stand up for rights in Mexico?

I was reading the history on Mexico and it stated that they have a similar system of Congress and presidential elections as we have, so why are the people not going to their congressmen, and making their country a productive environment for all.

Yes, most of the people who come to the United States are very hard workers, and I'm grateful that they made it here safely, but how many can the United States allow in without driving our country down because of the mass of people looking for the same amount of limited jobs?

I hear about how rich the Mexican soils are, and how they can produce crops and have a means of selling their produce and other goods they produce in Mexico, but I do not understand why their president and their Congress are not helping the country to succeed in this venture.

The Mexican people have had to fight many battles, including the right to have freedom of religion, so why are they giving up so easily in their country, and putting their life on the line to come to the United States, where they get low-paying jobs, and are separated from their families? I wish someone would write on why the people do not stand up and make their country a true democracy?

I do not hear anything from Obama about overturning NAFTA, and the generic comments he stated in his State of the Union Address last week did not say anything on how he intends to making things right for the immigrants to our country. Our immigration system is broken, and needs updated computers and ways to address who comes into our United States, without having to possibly lose their life. But we have had more and more people coming across the borders who do not have low-paying jobs on their mind, there are people who are putting stress on our police and sheriff departments, because of the drugs and illegal ways they have of making money.

This does not help the United States, so we need to get going on how to assure that the hard-working people who wish to come to the United States have a way to get here without having to wait for 50 years, but also need to assure that those who are coming to the United States are coming for work, and connecting with their families that are already here and do not want to commit crimes, and endanger our people.

It is time for Obama and the Mexican president to start talking and correct the corruption and unjust situations in Mexico, so people can stay in their country with their families, and not have to put their life on the line, and live a life of low wages and unjust exploited situations in the United States.

Cecelia Jones,


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