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Why do we need to lock up guns?

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webmaster | 08/21/13

S.B.108 is proposed legislation that would require locking of firearms in your home. This would limit or even render self defence useless.

Why is punishment for commiting crimes with firearms not the priorty? Why is it always us, the people who are trying to protect what they have — their families and their property.

We are licensed, permitted and fee’d to death. Why doesn’t the one that is holding up the liquor store have to have a business license and a permit to do that? After all, crime his business/ livelyhood just like legitimate business is ours. Everything would be legal, even murder, but you’d have to have a permit first.

Absurd? Sure. So is S.B.108. S.B. 108 is going to make it illegal to be naked in your own home without a permit. What’s next? Baseball bats? Matches?

Bill Hoffrage,


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