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Who won debate? Let’s see now ...

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webmaster | 10/15/12

Tami Jo Nix must have been watching another debate on MSNBC instead of the one 67 million other people were watching. But then even nuts like Schultz and Chris Matthews were having to concede that President Obama got beat badly by Gov. Romney.

It was easy to see who the smarter man was and who was prepared for this debate and who wasn’t.

The Democrats have been complaining and making excuses for Obama. Al Gore thought it was the altitude and others thought it was cheating because Obama did not have a teleprompter to use and did not have someone else to write a speech for him.

Tami thinks Obama should have a chance to see his failed policies through. Why?  Because Romney and Paul Ryan belong to churches where women have babies? 

What kind of illogical thinking is this, or what was she on when she wrote this article?  I now know why I never read her articles but her headline grabbed me, “Who won the debate?” 

She must be the only one in the country that didn’t know.

Frank Bradford,


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