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Who’s behind all those boxes?

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webmaster | 11/12/13

All comments are edited for length and content. Because of content and space limitations some comments may not be published. More than one comment from the same person in the same week will normally not be published. If your message contains profanity it will not be used. Please keep your calls to two minutes or less.

  • A woman called “in response to last week’s caller who wanted to see the NFL in the paper. Nobody wants to see the NFL because they are just greedy players. But we do want to know about Madera High and Madera South. We want to know about our young men playing football and keeping their grades up. That caller needs to choose and look at those (NFL) scores on TV or another paper.”
  • A woman had “a question about these big old metal boxes around town. Some are green and some are white where you can deposit clothes and shoes. Who is behind all these boxes? Who benefits from all these clothes and stuff? Can you please let us know? Thank you and have a good day.”
  • A man said, “Chuck (Doud), I read your editorial on Tuesday about the air travel and you’re absolutely right on. I’ve flown all over this country, and Europe and we never had any of those electronic gadgets. We used to spend our travel time in the air talking personally to one another. Flight attendants would stop and talk to you and we all got along fine. We communicated with people on the flight. We even sang songs and someone even got up and told jokes.”
  • A man called “about the Honor Flight for Madera’s veterans. I am simply amazed we always have room for any social event going on in Madera and a politician outside his office doing anything. It doesn’t matter much. It could be a reunion or a ribbon cutting, but you just can’t seem to put pictures in the paper about the actual heroes of our country. These men and women who promised to give their lives for our freedom don’t seem to get any recognition in the paper. I’m sure there were many photos of the trip that were taken back in our nation’s capital. And the lack of any more than just two really distresses me.”
  • Another man (name given) and “a past commander of the VFW wanted to commend the Tribune on the story on the Honor Flight for veterans. Only two photos came out in the paper. There were no photos of Frank Olono and Phil Benson, both World War II veterans. If we get people and veterans representing Madera we ought to have their picture in the paper.”
  • “Thanks for the terrific Veterans Day Salute edition,” said a man. “It was very fitting and I especially enjoyed your story on the local veteran and airman that was shot down and captured and survived to return home.”
  • A man responded to “last week’s caller about a gas station that advertises full service and then would not check her oil. That gas station actually advertises that they will pump your gas for you. They don’t say full service, just that they will pump the gas for you. You need to get your facts straight before you go complaining.”
  • A woman called “wondering if you wanted to do a story about the boy that was shot and killed in front of Carl’s Jr. Today the boys that killed him are getting sentenced.” She left her name and phone number.
  • A lady “wanted to know why you don’t publish in the Tribune the Democratic Club meeting notices. There are democrats that subscribe to this newspaper and that information should be published so those that are democrats will be able to know this organization is in town. Thank you on behalf of the Democratic subscribers and I hope you publish it just like you do for the Republicans in town.” (Editor’s note: We do not receive notices of those meetings right now, but would be happy to include them in the Community Calendar if we get them at least seven days before the event.)
  • A woman said, “I went to buy Saturday’s paper and the rack was empty. Do you no longer have it, or what?” (Editor’s note: Thanks for the heads-up.) • A man said, “There is a car wash every weekend at Gateway (Drive) and that bail place near the little section of park in front of the Elks Lodge. That is a main entrance to the lodge and the store next to it and their car wash blocks that entrance. They are also wasting hundreds of gallons of water every day and the water is destroying the asphalt driveway and parking area. This is not one of those car washes for charity or a youth group, but for private profit. I don’t know if it is city or county land, but somebody needs to shut them down. And like many other unauthorized businesses in Madera I doubt very seriously if they have a license.”
  • A man said, “all the educational research now shows that students in schools that start later in the morning perform better. Why is Madera Unified (School District) going in the wrong direction by starting the high school at 7:40. The same reason Monday’s schedule at north (Madera High) and (Madera) South are not the same with Madera High getting no morning break. Madera High also does that ignorant flip-flopping schedule that just kills softball. It would be interesting to find out who is accountable for this. Madera Unified never asked the community about any of this.”
  • A woman said, “Kudos to the Board of Supervisors and Auditor-Controller Marsha Hall for wanting to follow up on the 18 internal control issues or weaknesses in the treasurer/tax collector department. The fact that the treasurer is not willing to cooperate in the follow up to these findings, per her letter to the board, constitutes a dereliction of duty and possibly obstruction of justice.”

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