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When will Obama be responsible?

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webmaster | 09/04/13

This is a response to the very first caller in the Aug. 27 Red Line. When does Obama start to take responsibility for the economy, jobs and foreign affairs, all of which are for shape? He’s been in office for 5 years now and still you say its Bush and Cheney’s fault. I’m sure you feel it wasn’t Nidal Hassan’s Jihadist intent on killing us infidels at Fort Hood either, but that was also caused by Bush and Cheney right?

I was in my middle teens when some actor/ Governor of California became the President of the United States, his name was Ronald Reagan. He took over at a time when the economy had sky high inflation and Iran was holding Americans as Hostages. There was tension with Russia and other Soviets Block Nations. He took over the presidency from Jimmy Carter who was a good man, but a very poor President. Neither Reagan nor his staff ever cried foul and blamed Carter for the messes that he inherited. They just rolled up their sleeves and went to work on solving the economy and foreign affair issues.

Regarding the Sen. Ted Cruz comment, you need to stop watching the new Al Jazeera News Network on cable TV.

First of all Senator Cruz was born in Canada to American parents so he had dual citizenship. That is not a crime, nor would it stop him from being a senator or even president one day. He showed his birth certificate immediately when this was brought up by The Washington Post. He even said that he would renounce his Canadian citizenship. It didn’t take him over 2 years and many lawsuits to finally show the certificate, as it did Obama. So who has more class?

Obama is our president that we have to live with for the next 3 years; I just hope that this country can survive that long with this elitist socialist and his many snobbish cabinet secretaries whose motto is, “Do as we say not as we do”.

James Cavallero


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