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When newspaper sex was on fridge

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webmaster | 04/29/13

Was called about a couple of things in the paper, and since we can’t get one delivered anymore I called Gloria to pick one up while in town. One article was Sam Pistoresi’s and the other was Leon Emo’s. I read both but in passing the pages I saw two lesbians swapping spit on page 2. Thanks goodness they weren’t from Madera.

Not too many years ago there was a Miss Chili Pepper Contest at the Fairgrounds. Her picture was printed on the front page, and holy cow what a response from Madera about this being a family paper and things like this should not be presented in it. We have come a long way, baby. That picture by the way was of a beautiful young lady in a red striped bikini and the image is still burned into my brain.

I taped that picture on the fridge and it saved me 50 bucks or better in groceries. My teenage boys would hit the fridge for something to eat and forget what they came for after seeing it. Ken La Matina had to put his up in the garage. Everywhere I went her picture was pinned up.

Back to Sam’s article. I, too, was disappointed in the governor’s appointment. Let’s not elect him. We will have other choices. John Silva will be running and he has experience and Madera at heart. Some may vote the name and not the candidate. Get informed and vote for Madera.

ACORN helped those that didn’t know by filling out their ballots (sometimes twice) so Gloria has offered to help those people too. She started W-A-L-NUTS, same as ACORN but its Women Against Liberals ... the NUTS is self explanatory.

Let’s get Madera back on track ... no pun intended. We need people that want Madera. No taxation without irrigation!

Bill Hoffrage,


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