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Water company shareholder concerned

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webmaster | 01/24/12

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  • A caller left a message about “a shareholder in the Madera Valley Water Co. In light of the fact we were sent out proxies to vote for board members, some of the shareholders might want to know about what’s going on out there.” Her message extended beyond the amount of time allowed, but she mentioned a board member’s name and said “he was using the water company for his own personal construction company. He used heavy equipment, fuel and employees to build a shed in his backyard. Another board member works on the vehicles which sounds to me like a conflict of interest. The people out here need to stand up and get some accountability from the Madera Valley Water Co.”
  • “After reading the letter by Jon Barsotti (Jan. 16) after he read (columnist) Jim Glynn’s commentary ‘Time for a second Bill of Rights,’ he went to the Internet to understand the meaning of FDR’s speech. I certainly agree. Jim Glynn’s articles are never easy to understand and they are very boring. As is your commentator (Tom) Elias. Why don’t you put in someone like Michael Regan or someone who can write and make a lot of sense.”
  • A woman wanted “churches to start standing up to fight this casino coming to Madera. What’s there to see in Madera? A casino? Downtown? Come on pastors, let’s start preaching the word. Get this casino out of Madera.”
  • A lady “wanted everyone to know we went to Valley Bowl the other day and had a blast. I couldn’t believe the prices. There is no way I’m going back to Fresno to bowl. We had a terrific time.”
  • Three callers said “can you please bring out another paper? The one you delivered got sopping wet.” (Note: Please call 674- 2424 after 8 a.m. to have another paper delivered.)
  • A woman left her name and phone number and said, “I’m calling in regards to an article on the front page in the Tribune (Jan. 16) on the two drivers that were injured in a collision. Just wanted you to know this female is an outstanding citizen in our community and I was actually with her just minutes before the accident and she was not intoxicated. You and your staff owe her an apology for insinuating something so false. I’d like to see a follow-up in the paper. (Note: It was the CHP office that was quoted in the article as saying, “alcohol may have been involved.” and today’s paper has a follow-up story.)
  • A lady “was sad after looking at all the foreclosures in the paper. We got screwed. Banks are charging extraordinary overdraft fees while using our money. Section 8, food stamps, welfare, Medi-Cal. Who is dumb or dumber, you or me? Two of my neighbors worked Christmas trying to save their homes from foreclosure. They do not qualify for any kind of help from the government.”
  • “I’m concerned about the 16- wheelers in the Country Club area,” said a woman. “They are ruining our roads. I thought there was a law against that.”
  • A gentleman called “about the Madera South student hitting the children in front of the school. Several times a week I drop my nephew and niece off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. I have called the police department about people stopping in the middle of the road and letting their children out instead of going to the loading zone. There are people peeling out of the driveway. I’ve called the police. I’ve called the school. I’ve talked several times to the principal. Now it takes three kids getting hit and thrown into a field by a student before action is finally taken.”
  • A woman called “about the Redevelopment Agency that everybody is giving them high praise. I see some of their pet projects in the city, but I don’t see any of it out in the county. Do they just use the tax money from the people in the city of Madera? (Note: Throughout the state RDAs are allowed to only make improvements inside their project areas.)
  • A man “was calling about the many articles on the Redevelopment Agency.” He wanted “to only point out there was talk about enforcing the codes. There are hundreds of families that live in houses in these areas that in the past few years have been allowed to be sold. Then the garages are developed into housing. It’s perhaps because of the change in our ethnic mix. But it is somewhat wrong to say they have been forced to build.”
  • A regular caller gave “a shout out to my fellow Californians. When are we going to stand up to these gas companies that are taking California’s oil away from us?” He thought “we should have a no buy day on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. That way we will teach these stock market people.”
  • “Nice to see the dog park being used finally,” began a woman. “I went by there (Rotary Park on Gateway Drive) while everyone was watching football and saw several dogs and their owners using the park. Now, if somehow the city could keep those awful-acting kids from doing graffiti and jumping the fence away from the skate park, or just close it all together.”
  • A woman “called about the Madera High-Madera South basketball game at Madera High last week. I thought it very disrespectful cheerleaders from the Madera High Coyotes turned around when the other team was announced. Whatever happened to class?”

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