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Wake up: Casino pays for law enforcement

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webmaster | 07/09/13

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  • A woman said, “there was a really good Mediterranean restaurant on Howard Road. Now they are closed and there’s a barbecue place there. I’m just wondering if they relocated. Maybe they will respond if they see something in the newspaper’s Red Line. You know this town has nothing but Mexican restaurants so it was kind of nice to have something healthy and good.”
  • A woman who “has been a reader of the Tribune for 60 years,” said, “when I read the June 18 issue, page B3, it took several moments for me to realize that I should have been reading children’s poetry instead of looking at blank spaces. My heart fell when I imagined the disappointment of the children and all concerned. I just knew the Tribune would correct this and make it right. This has not happened. Mr. Doud, you need to do whatever to make this right. You would expect no less from other community leaders. You need to reprint the poems. It’s the right thing to do.”
  • A man replied “to the lady last week who asked ‘who pays the Sheriff’s officers at Chukchansi Casino.’ Don’t people ever listen to anything? Sheriff Anderson has said several times that their salaries are covered by the casino. Just like the new casino will cover the salaries of sheriff and police officers. Pay attention.”
  • A woman, who went beyond her time limit, “wanted to report that PG&E has a program called Smart-Rate which you try and lower your bill. What they don’t tell you is like today is a day you can’t use your PG&E from 2 to 8 p.m. So today when it is going to be 109 (degrees) and you use your air conditioning it will go against you, or computer and appliances. If you do use it you’re not saving yourself any money that day.”
  • A man said, “on July 4, I was watching Channel 30 Action News and they had a story about the Elks Lodge ceiling caving in. Just wanted you to know the Tribune beat Channel 30 by days. I had already read it in the Tribune Monday morning, July 1. Good job.”
  • Another man said, “your story on the Madera Theater sure brought back a lot of memories. I have a story about the theater saved that Bill Coate wrote in 1996 and I’m putting Leon Emo’s story in my scrapbook too.”
  • “Why do we see news of only one religion?” asked a woman. “Either on TV or the newspaper, it’s only one. This is America and we have many religions here. There should be equal time for all of them. It would be more informative and interesting. I get sick and tired of seeing the same one over and over.”
  • A woman said, “Tami Jo Nix must be an idiot for promoting fireworks in her Saturday column. Doesn’t she realize how many injuries, fires and terrified animals that are caused by both legal and illegal fireworks? I don’t know why I even read that column.”
  • A man who “lives in Chowchilla,” gave his name, phone number and address and said, “The Madera Tribune stand at the (Chowchilla) Post Office has Friday’s paper in it. I thought it was Saturday’s but it was not. Are you going to put a new one in?” With his address he said, “please send me one in the mail.”

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