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Voters should have right to elect council members

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webmaster | 08/22/12

Re: Front page Madera Tribune article Aug. 18: “Council may nix election.”

Let’s go back to the 2006-2010 City Council that voted to redistrict in the first place. This council, which included three of the current sitting council members, voted to redistrict. How much did this cost the City and County of Madera?

The 2006-2010 council voted to redistrict on the pressure of lawsuits from a few that claimed the minority did not have a chance to voice their opinion in Madera. Then, the population was about 68,000 with demographics of about 72 percent minorities.

In 2010 Modesto, after almost a decade of fighting redistricting with a population of more than 210,000, redistricted because it was the right time to do it. The Modesto City Council voted to redistrict at the right time because of the growth of the city, not because of threats of lawsuits.

The 2006-2010 and the past decade of Madera City Council members have caved to threats that have now backfired on them.

How do they get out of the issue? By having a back-door meeting to vote on canceling the election and oh, we’re saving $65,000. This does not do anything but save face for these City Council members from the voting elite of Madera.

Do voting citizens have any rights anymore in Madera? In 2010 the citizens of Madera voted on the redistricting not because it was right or wrong but we trusted the City Council that we voted for was doing the right thing for Madera.

Do you remember these same City Council members stating, “elect me and I will clean up downtown Madera.” How fast we forget promises made.

The 2006-2010 City Council members that remain on the council have to be very embarrassed by the turnout of candidates, because not many could take the pressure of stopping redistricting in Madera until the population was suited for redistricting.

One of these City Council members is running for Madera County Supervisor, which was stated in the paper; he should stay in his position and run out his term to fix the mess he and his fellow council members have created.

Our City Council and the voting elite that back them are like a giant onion; so many layers you’ll never peel it back. I just hope the three that ran uncontested in their districts will not let this City Council dictate to them their right to be on the ballot and rightly voted for by their district’s voting citizens. This is honor to them for standing up and running for the City Council position.

Maybe these three are able to make decisions on their own and not depend on recommendations from the staff or consultants. Maybe?

Paula Scroggins,


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