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Vandals, keep your rocks off her lawn

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webmaster | 09/17/12

I am writing to hopefully try to find out who is causing mischievous acts on our lawn, on the 700 block of Orchard Avenue.

My husband and I have noticed in the past few weeks that someone is leaving handfuls of river pebbles on our lawn. They are spread out so as to cause harm to our lawn mower.

The rocks are now a little bigger, and seem to be more a decorative rock.

You are being watched. My husband works hard on his yard to keep it nice, and then someone like you comes along to destroy his work. When you are caught in the act you will be arrested and a claim will be filed against you. So, whoever you are, save those rocks, or pebbles for your own yard.

We are seniors, and that could be a probable cause for senior abuse to a neighbor. So whoever you are, stop it now!

Gloria A. Gonzales,


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