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Two views of a football coach

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webmaster | 01/10/12

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  • A lady called on “the two new stores in 2012. Why another discount clothing store and a pizza parlor? How about a department store like Macy’s or even Kohl’s, and restaurants like Mimi’s or Olive Garden? How about raising the standards in this town?”
  • A man who gave his name said, “my son (name given also) played for (Madera High football) coach McKinney from the seventh grade up until now. Coach Scott McKinney’s influence has been nothing but positive. Like all parents we wanted more wins, but for whatever reason didn’t get them. But to put down coach McKinney, only two years into his time as coach, is wrong. The season is over and coach McKinney has been a real positive influence to the kids as has coach David Eller. Just give them a chance.”
  • A woman said “about coach McKinney. He had too many Indians. He is a one-dimensional person. He needs to learn how to be a coach and his little Indians don’t even know how to coach. Good luck next year. You’ll need it.”
  • A man called “about the many stories about the (abused) dog.” Unfortunately, his use of profanity did not allow his message to be used in the Red Line.
  • A man read a local paper about “a fellow who stayed in the hospital for an entire year it turns out he’s an illegal immigrant and as soon as he gets out of the hospital he’s going back to Mexico to go to work. I’m on medical and I can’t even get insurance for medicine to lower my cholesterol. He spends a (free) year in the hospital and I am a resident of the United States and a taxpayer and I can’t even get medicine. What’s wrong with this picture?”
  • A man called “in response to who complained about the racetrack noise. I guarantee the racetrack was there long before humans were where you are living. If you didn’t research the area before you bought, it’s your fault. If you don’t like the noise, move to where you can’t hear it.” The caller also mentioned the race promoter should do a little more advertising. “I’d love to attend more races if I could get a little more advance on when they were being held.”
  • “I’m offended by (writer) Bianca Chavez and her perception of not only college, but her narrow-minded resolution column,” began a lady. “In her column she spoke of two kinds of people in the world. And I’m quoting, ‘Those who make resolutions and those who hate all the idiots making New Year’s resolutions.’ I think it’s funny someone so inconsequential can psychoanalyze humanity with such ease and precision.”
  • A “city worker disagreed with the city. If they want to take the 9.3 percent, then we want them to pay Social Security and also adopt the medical plan of the county.”
  • Another city worker said about “the 9.3 percent they want to cut from us. Let them go ahead. I just found out if you do that I’ll qualify for welfare and Section 8 housing. So go ahead. You’ll just put more people on welfare.”
  • A difficult to understand message said something about “Chowchilla and Madera having enough problems, like the crows in Madera, and they shouldn’t be filing another lawsuit. Let the men have their prison.”

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