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A tragic run-in with 2 pit bulls

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webmaster | 01/31/14

On Tuesday, Jan. 21, I was walking my big dog Tyson and little white dog, Oreo. We were by the concession stand by Field 7 in Town and Country Park. A couple had two mostly white pit bulls with black markings. They were loose in the dugout making a ruckus and barking. This attracted my big dog Tyson.

I am 80 years old and feeble, but I try to keep walking. I could not keep Tyson from pulling me in that direction, but I was able to hang onto the bleachers and stop him and keep from falling onto the concrete. The woman did not keep the dugout gate closed, and their two pit bulls got out. The man did nothing.

Mike Ohanesian, a homeless man whom I often visit in the park, came to help and said the man in the dugout just sat there and laughed at the ordeal. The woman tried to put a rope on one of the dogs. At that point I was not able to determine what she actually did, as I was busy with my own dogs. They did nothing to help and did not stay around.

While Tyson was fighting to keep the pit bull off himself, my little 12-pound poodle mix Oreo rushed in to help Tyson and me, and one of the pit bulls attacked him, cutting his jugular vein and ripping his side open. We rushed him to the vet, but he died on the way.

Mike O. saw the whole thing. He got Oreo from the dog and carried him to my home and all the way to the vet. I had Tyson, who has a couple of bites as well.

The way I look at it, Oreo saved Tyson and maybe me from injuries from those dogs.

I believe that couple should come forward and have those two dogs put down. They are killers. The next victim could be a child or even one of them. I don’t understand why they were not restrained or why the man did nothing. I would be willing to help with the cost of putting those two dogs down if allowed.

Bill Jantzen,


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