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Things to like about living in Madera

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webmaster | 04/01/14

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  • “In response to the Red Line item last week about ‘What do you like about Madera?’ I’ll tell you. I like walking and biking on the beautiful river trails, I love watching kids play baseball at the park, I love being safe as I walk my dog around the neighborhood, I love being able to drive across town without having to worry about traffic, I love that the newspaper covers local activities and accomplishments of individuals. Most of all, I love the people here in this town. I have met so many friendly and interesting individuals during the many years that I’ve lived here. There’s a real sense of belonging in the sense of looking out for and helping each other.I feel very fortunate and I love it here. Of course, it’s not perfect. No place is. But maybe you should start looking at the glass as half full instead of half empty.”
  • “I’m calling regarding the person who commented about Michele Obama taking a vacation to China. Well, what about the unnecessary war in Iraq that cost the taxpayers billions and billions of dollars? Are people stupid? Do they forget what President Bush did? Get real. A big Pinocchio for that person! Three Pinocchios!”
  • Commenting on Farin Montanez’s column on achieving a BQ, or Boston Marathon qualification: “Congratulations, Farin (Montanez) on your qualifying for the Boston Marathon. There is nothing as satisfying as establishing a goal and making it. I really like your articles in the Tribune. You do a great job. And congratulations again. We know you’ll do well in Boston. God bless you.”
  • “In regards to Mo’s column this morning in the Tribune, history revisionists strike again. The book that was meticulously researched — pure BS.”
  • “I’m calling in regards to a dangerous activity going on at Madera Little League, specifically American Little League, although the Madera National Little League has participated as well. Umpires are being threatened with physical harm by coaches and parents who do not agree with the rules or calls made by the umpires. Umpires are having to be escorted by league officials from the fields to their vehicles for their protection due to threats made by coaches and parents. This happened during the playoffs this year, and already has happened twice this year. In one instance the police had to be called, and the game had to be delayed until things calmed down. Are these the kind of coaches we want coaching our kids, to show them that if things don’t go your way you should resort to physical retaliation and violence? These umpires are out there for the kids, and this is how they’re treated. These umpires are trained by experience and training. These physical threats are the result of disagreements with the rules with the calls rather than mistakes. The league needs to take immediate action to stop this activity before someone gets hurt.”
  • “There are well-meaning citizens offering telephone numbers to call with complaints. But most everyone already knows where and who to call, and has done so with absolutely no results. It also makes no difference if you sign your name to your complaint. The results are exactly the same. Zero. Officials have let Madera deteriorate for so long that they have no intentions of making any improvements. Even being dubbed the dirtiest city has not embarrassed them into taking action. Those who suggest you move away if you don’t like it here are not being realistic. It is not an option for many people financially. Isn’t it more reasonable for people to expect to live in a town that’s clean and safe? Is that too much to ask?”
  • A caller was upset about officials’ attendance at a recent luncheon honoring animal shelter volunteers. “On Saturday, I attended the Friends of the Madera Animal Shelter appreciation luncheon for the volunteers and also to honor the Red and Nancy Arnold Foundation that gave $1.5 million to FMAS for a spay and neuter program.” He said no supervisors were there, even though they had been personally invited. He found this to be “an inexcusable, shocking” showing. He said two candidates did, however, put in an appearance: Rochelle Noblett, running for District 1 supervisor and Michael Kime, running for sheriff. “Hooray for these two candidates,” he said.

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