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There are other ways to help economy

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webmaster | 01/29/14

Gov. Jerry Brown and Rep. Jim Costa, smiling as we get a bill, and blame us for not supporting the high-speed rail. Who is in control, apparently not Gov. Brown because all he can think of is sticking us with another $25 billion, new bond, titled, “Brown’s top public works priority.”

(Doesn’t he think that two 30-mile tunnels to ship water from Northern California to the Central Valley farms and Southern California cities is a better project then seeing a bullet train go through Madera, with no passengers or water on it?)

How will we get the extra water for the high-speed rail project anyway? Use the current water allocated for our food, or for our domestic use? Which will be taken from us to get the high-speed rail project completed?

Does anyone think about these things, or just expect the Fairy Godmother will take care of it?

The last article was a, “Letters from our Readers”, by Gilbert Gallegos. Gilbert was upset that people did not want another casino, and that we didn’t understand, and our fears about the “high crimes and habitual gambling have not materialized.” You think not? Why are we adding three new sheriff’s deputies? (Another article on the front page.) I found it very funny that one of the new deputies has a background in “swift-water rescue,” which will come in handy because of all our “expansive mountain terrain and fast moving rivers.” (But I thought we don’t have enough water?) Or, is this a way of adding deputies to protect us with the new casino pushing to come into our town?

Gilbert went on to express his concern about unemployment, and lack of jobs, and how it will supply full-time jobs for our young people. Yes, we do need jobs, but do we want our mayor to go market Madera for new manufacturing plants, which would also give full time work, or do we want to roll over with “another” casino which will create a higher rate of crime, and possibly put one of the two casinos we now have out of business. If one goes out of business then those people who have experience will get the jobs at the new casino, and the increase in jobs will not happen.

I tend to think of our past, which we need to reflect on at different times in our life. I remember the days when we had Gottschalks, Mervins, Big Lots, and other stores which are no longer in business. We had those stores, and they were good, I think so, anyway. But what happened, more and more stores came into being, and so as more came in, some went out of business. Did we create new jobs, or just send the same people to a different company, and maybe with less wages and benefits? I would rather place my “No” vote on the casino, and a “Yes” vote on the mayor going out and promoting our town as a great center of California to ship manufacturing goods to either L.A., or San Francisco, for exporting or distribution.

We are centrally located, and make a wonderful small town atmosphere to create manufacturing jobs with young people who can be loyal and stay with their company until they retire. We currently have manufacturing here in Madera with employees who are doing just that. Young hired, and then retire after 20 to 30 years of employment. What a great quality-control concept. Employees will know the product so well, they can create a great product in half the time of employees in other towns, or states, that come and go. We do need jobs, it is just what are we willing to settle for?

Cecelia Jones,


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