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Thanks to three who responded

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webmaster | 11/19/12

I would like to thank the three people who called the Red Line on Tuesday, Nov. 13 to critique my letter to the editor on Nov. 6, revealing my voting choices. If I knew who they were I would like to thank them personally.

The first lady said, “No one cares who you voted for.” That is a pretty definite statement. In the Navy they had a saying, “There’s always that 10 percent!” She also told me what to do with my political signs. Well actually I do what I want with them because they are on my private property. She also alluded to the fact that, “according to the city sign ordinance your political signs are now considered graffiti.” Well that wouldn’t matter anyway, because I’m in the county.

But anyway I took the time and trouble to check with code enforcement departments in both city and county. Before I write or say something I normally like to know what I’m talking about. Both city and county told me there is nothing in the sign ordinance covering political signs. Also the city gave me the definition of graffiti as being defacement of property.

The second lady had a question: “Would you trust anybody’s political point of views when they charge their own family members money to attend a family reunion?” I still can’t figure out what that has to do with political points of views. The only thing I can surmise is that she is probably a person who is used to getting free things, maybe from the government, and has come to believe she shouldn’t have to pay for anything. By the way, lady, we have a family reunion every two years and we have had a maximum of 212 attendees and a minimum of 102. And everyone is willing to pay their own way so that we can continue to have the reunions.

The third person called and thanked me for my letter to the editor stating who I was going to vote for. Further stating that he or she would vote for the opponent of anyone I voted for. If I believed that I would probably try to buy the proverbial bridge in Brooklyn. Also this person probably wouldn’t vote for a Republication if their life depended on it. Do you really believe if I had recommended voting for all Democrats like the Fresno Bee did, that this person would vote for all Republicans? I strongly doubt that.

Well, I think I’ll close now, but I would like to leave you three people with this closing thought: At least when I decide to express my opinion I do it in writing with my name attached to it. See ya.

Sam Pistoresi,


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