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Temporary trench irks motorists

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webmaster | 01/17/12

All comments are edited for length and content. Because of content and space limitations some comments may not be published. More than one comment from the same person in the same week will normally not be published. Please keep your calls to two minutes or less.

  • A man who called last week, but whose message wasn’t printed, called again “about the dogs. There’s too many stories about abused animals when you have abused humans. You care more about dogs than you do human beings. Put him (the dog) on TV and all that. That’s not good. Don’t you think that is degrading to the homeless to put a darn dog on TV?”
  • A woman said, “I do understand the man (last week), who used profanity, is very upset regarding the many stories about dogs and animals. But cruel people’s abuse of animals also leads to the abuse of children, the elderly and also murder. This has been documented. If anyone sees any of this behavior they should call the Sheriff’s Department or the Animal Shelter. Don’t wait to do it.”
  • “I’m calling about the trench they built on north D Street,” began a man. “I don’t know what the trench is built for, but when one of my tires goes out I can sue the city of Madera for new tires.”
  • A woman called “about what the city did on (North) D Street between 4th and 3rd Streets. There is just a terrible mess there. I want to complain about it. There is a terrible dip there. Please put that in the paper and maybe the city will do something about it.” (Note: The street work has been completed.)
  • A woman called “in regards to realigning the school district (trustee boundaries). No matter how you divide it the majority is still going to be Hispanic. It shouldn’t be about who is where, but who has the qualifications to do the job. Any way you arrange it is going to be Hispanic because that’s who’s here and all their children in school.”
  • A lady called to say we should “put more Chowchilla (High) sports in there. After all, they are just as good as Liberty (High) and they’re not in Madera either.”
  • A woman called “about (columnist Leon) Emo’s column (Friday). I don’t think he’s a religious man. The things he said about (Denver quarterback) Tim Tebow puts him in bad view of us Christians. I just hope Emo finds God before it is too late.
  • Another lady said, “Mr. Emo needs prayer. Ever since I read he doesn’t cheer for Tim Tebow I have been praying for him.”
  • • “Yea for Madera,” began a lady’s message. “It’s about time we get a Marshall’s. We really need new businesses and that type of store. And to the lady who said, ‘Why not a Kohl’s?’” That is also a discount department store. Thank you for bringing Marshall’s to Madera.”
  • A man who left his first name said about the closing of the Madera Redevelopment Agency (RDA), “I am glad that happened. Those people ought to be shot for the way they let our downtown end up liking looking like it does. We have one of the worst looking cities in the state. Even the small town of San Joaquin looks better than downtown Madera.”
  • However, many more callers had another opinion. “Despite the looks of downtown, and it is slowly improving,” began a man. “What the RDA has done to help people in that area and all of Madera will be sorely missed.” Another caller said, “just when RDA is starting new projects with improving the downtown and east of Yosemite area, the rug is pulled out from them by the state. I hope our city officials find a way to help keep these people doing their fine job.” Yet, another caller said, “Thanks to the work of RDA I have a home I can take pride in. My kids can walk to school on sidewalks instead of through the dirt and mud when it rains, and they can play after school at the new Youth Center. What a shame the governor has done this.”
  • A man “wanted to know since they’re doing away with RDA does it mean we will be able to have yard sales anytime we want to on a weekend?”
  • “You gotta be kidding, a casino in Madera?” began a woman. “People are going to come to Madera? Have you seen downtown and what it looks like? And what about the other casinos? It’s going to take jobs away from them. People live in Madera that work up there. You’re going to put one down here where everyone is poor and they’ll get poorer. Give me a break. Wake up Madera. Smell the roses.”

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