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Taking issue with a caller’s comments

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webmaster | 06/01/12

In answer to the woman who phoned the Red Line and who was too unethical to give her name, re: derogatory comments which I believe were directed toward supervisorial candidate Isabel Barreras:


  1. Has a masters in public administration.
  2. Is an outreach consultant and administrative assistant for disabled student services for Madera Unified School District.
  3. Is president of Area 1 Board of Trustees for California State Center Community Colleges, which includes Madera Community College. She is working hard to bring vocational education programs to Madera, through R.O.P. and other sources, which will create trained workers, which in turn will draw business to our area.
  4. Is executive director of the Madera Hispanic Chapter of the Chamber of Commerce and is actively involved in revitalizing this organization.

Jean M. Henwood,

A reader defends Austin candidacy

On May 30, the Hon. Charles A. Wieland, judge, Madera County Superior Court, wrote to the paper and the electorate of Madera County of his distaste for candidate Brian Austin’s criticism of the process by which judges are appointed.

I find it troubling. On May 31 I found on the Internet an article where a former Supreme Court Justice criticized a ruling by the court after he left office.

I do not know anyone who wants anyone in any office he or she holds or is seeking not to speak out if they feel something is wrong with any item within the structure of their office. Mr. Austin tells all who speak to him about the fact that he sought an appointment to that office. Judge Wieland states, “Attorneys and judges who run for office are required to conduct ourselves according to canons of judicial ethics.” Since when is speaking out on issues critical to the electorate unethical? Nothing that Mr. Austin said or has done in his campaign has been unethical nor unconstitutional.

What he has done is run a grass-roots campaign, knocking on doors, talking to people, asking for their support and asking them to place signs on their lawns, asking others to speak to others on his behalf and to be part of the new Madera. The new Madera where candidates go out and converse with people and not rely on the “good old boy” network.

Mr. Austin has spoken to groups and individuals who like what he had to say and have joined him in going out to the community and asking others to support him. He has a record of community service and has committed to continue that service after his election. He has spoken on the issue of youth and has worked to help those who are on the fence and could go one way or another. He speaks not only of hope for our youth but the faith he has in our youth.

Mr. Austin has traveled to many communities within the County of Madera to speak to the citizens and let them speak their concerns.

I ask you to support and vote for Brian Austin on June 5.

Carlos Uranga,

Candidate stresses her experience

Thanks to the Madera NAACP for holding a candidate’s night for the Supervisor District 3 election, which is Tuesday, June 5.

I want to emphasize I take my fiduciary responsibility as a supervisor very seriously. We have had too many cases of Madera government employee embezzlement which lasted for years because problems were overlooked.

As a Madera Unified Trustee, I forced the board to review MUSD credit card usage to assess for signs of abuse. I found problems with MUSD credit card usage and we discussed the issues at an open meeting.

I promise citizens your Madera County dollars will not be abused. I will ensure transparency and open discussions. I will weed out fraudulent charging of expenses, personal fraud or embezzlement, self-dealing, kickbacks, and questionable purchasing.

My education in business, accounting, and law and my years of experience and skills as a union labor leader, medical administrator, arbitrator and business employer, as well as my service on the MUSD Board of Trustees have given me the background to protect public assets. I will encourage specific revising of weak policy and procedure areas. Complacency, or the “I’ve already done that” attitude, is the beginning of failure.

Again, thanks to the NAACP for allowing our different views on financial management to be publicly expressed. I have proven that I am capable and will protect public dollars if elected. As a physician, I will also work to improve public health, one of my longtime interests. Education, experience, skills.

Loraine Goodwin, MD, JD,
Candidate Congressional District 16 and supervisor

Repeats his picks for two offices

This is just a short follow-up to some comments I made about the upcoming elections a few weeks ago. These are important for Madera and can have significant impacts on the future.

For that reason, I am fully and strongly recommending Gary Svanda for Supervisor District 3 and Joseph Soldani for Superior Court judge.

Please join me in electing these men to the positions for which they are the best qualified.

Gordon E. Skeels,


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