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Support urged for Proposition 32

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webmaster | 10/31/12

For several weeks I have been hearing political spots on KMJ Radio warning people to oppose Proposition 32. I’ve never heard such lies. They talk about Proposition 32 only benefiting big oil and big corporations. There they go again with their divide and conquer tactics. Do you know who’s paying for these radio spots? The unions. The unions are spending over $50 million trying to fool voters into opposing Proposition 32.

By talking about big oil and big corporations, they think they can take your mind off of the real reason to support Proposition 32. The real reason is Proposition 32 would prohibit unions from taking a portion of their members’ money and using it for political purposes without permission, which is how they get their political power.

The result, if Proposition 32 passes, would be that union members would be able to keep a portion of those monies due them and would be able to support the candidate or political party of their choice.

This is the main purpose of Proposition 32. Don’t just take my word for it, check out your sample ballot on Proposition 32, and if you read the first sentence, it states, “Prohibits unions from using payroll deducted funds for political purposes.”

Doesn’t it seem odd that in all of those expensive union ads I have not even once heard that portion mentioned? Just the lies about big oil and big corporations.

Do not continue to be fooled by unionism, socialism and communism tactics. They are designed to making everyone equal. Of course the equal is at the lowest level.

Show the unions with all their big money that they haven’t fooled everyone.

Vote yes on Proposition 32.

Sam Pistoresi,


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