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Is superintendent search decided?

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webmaster | 01/29/13

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  • A woman responded to “the gentleman who wrote on behalf of Bill Coate and his story on (teacher’s) health insurance.” He made the statement, “'as far as I’m concerned Madera Unified teachers should be fired.' Well, that will never happen. If it does the teachers will be front page and statewide. If you ever taught you would find that Madera Unified teachers are pretty much underpaid. We need every raise we can possibly get. So, unless you’ve been a teacher in the classroom and maintaining the standards we have to, keep your comments to yourself.”
  • A lady replied to the same by saying, “it is too bad the county teachers don’t have someone looking out for them. The Madera (Unified) teachers have not asked for a raise, have overcrowded classrooms, and you know what, I am so glad they are teaching my children. They are learning. Thank you, teachers and it’s about time somebody said thank you.”
  • A man made “one more quick note about the fatal accident at Farallon and Varden Way. The (Red Line) article today talks about stop signs. There is also a stop sign on either side of Farallon Road off of Club Drive. Of course, your article never said if the person was driving east to west, north to south, whether he was on Varden or Farallon. The person is an idiot for driving that speed. It should never be more than 25 mph.”
  • A man said, “thank you (Madera) Kiwanis Club for donating the disc golf course at Town and Country Park. But some jerk went in there and switched all of the tee-off signs around and disorganized everything. It’s a great place to play, but I’m from out of town and couldn’t find my way around that place. Shame on you, whoever did it, and great job, Kiwanis.”
  • A man called “on just a little information on the (Madera Unified) superintendent job search. The scuttlebutt is the board (of trustees) has already decided they are going to hire Dr. Tony Monreal as the new superintendent and the search is all just a formality. I won’t be surprised because the board does what it wants to do.”
  • A lady had “a message for Jon Barsotti. I just hope he enjoyed the inauguration as much as most of Madera’s citizens did.”
  • A woman wanted to know “why does coach Perez of the (Madera High) girls soccer team not discipline his team? On Jan. 22 at a game he allowed one of his girl players to flip the bird to all of us (Madera South) Stallion parents. That is like no discipline for his players.”
  • A man “wanted to make a comment about the oil companies. When are they going to start lowering the gas prices? They should be capped at a $1.50. They make too much money. Can’t they just give us a break for once? That way we can get the economy back on track. Oil companies are just too darn rich.”
  • A caller said, “I would like to change things back the way they were. I’m an old guy. I remember when (President) Kennedy said, ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.’ The question is now, what is my country doing to me? I know I don’t like it. So let’s go back to the old way.”
  • A caller left a message about two different letters in the paper. He then called yesterday and said, “Please don’t put that in the paper. It was rude and I actually should not have called it in.”
  • A woman said, “I believe Loraine Goodwin is the senile one. The poor excuse of the article (letter) she wrote had so many faulty facts it wasn’t even worth reading. If it is the best the Democratic Party has to offer then God help us all.”
  • A man said, “I look forward to (Leon) Emo’s “Meanderings” at the end of every month and I was looking forward to another one of his desert trips. Instead, I got a story about Kezar Stadium. At first I was disappointed, but after reading it, I realized it was perfect timing with the Super Bowl. Go, Niners, and so much history.”
  • A woman who “lives out on 25 didn’t receive a paper (last) Monday, but I got two papers Tuesday.”
  • “I enjoyed being able to drive down 4th Street,” said a lady. “It’s about time. Did this set some sort of record for taking the longest to fix six blocks of a street?”
  • A man said, “I saw it is time for Little League signups already. It seems to get earlier every year. The same with Bobby Sox and that seems to go year round. I think it’s nice for the kids to have something to do, but it leaves little time for anything else with parents and coaches constantly pushing them. And what about the kids that are not athletic? Do they sit around and play violent video games and develop a complex?”

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