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Some enthusiastic words for solar farms

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webmaster | 07/10/12

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  • A regular caller and “concerned citizen” suggested “the City and County of Madera get together and build some solar and wind farms. I think the land out there not being used can be used for that, and generate some money instead of using PG&E. They can also use that to bring in revenue for the city and county. These guys need to start thinking out of the box instead of just sitting on taxpayers’ money.” (Editor’s note: The city has had its eye on solar for years. It completed a solar array at the sewer plant, which saves the city money on power for that facility. It also uses solar at the John W. Wells Youth Center. As for the county, it is in the process of approving a large solar array for property on Tozer to help power the expanded jail facilities.)
  • A woman asked, “When is the city going to put a stop to beggars standing on busy street corners and narrow median strips waving cardboard signs and threatening driver safety? If you don’t rear-end a car in front of you because they decided to stop and donate (on a green light) then you might hit someone who steps off the curb to push their sign in front of you. Saturday, while dodging beggars on both sides of the exit from Walmart, and trying to turn west, to my chagrin there were a bunch of high school girls standing on the median strip not more than two feet wide with traffic going in both directions.”
  • “Okay, I can’t stand it any longer,” said a lady. “We can barely use decent language. How lazy have we become that we cannot take back a shopping cart barely five feet. Somebody should start charging a dollar for every shopping cart we take out of the store and when you bring it back you get your dollar back.”
  • A woman said, “It would certainly be appreciated if the person or persons running the SNAAP (food giveaway) program would put a notice in the paper when they are not going to be there. We drove all the way into the park (Town & Country) this morning and there was nobody there. Not a notice that they were not going to be there. It would have been nice to know. (Editor’s Note: A notice announcing that the SNAPP program would not run 4th of July week appeared in the July 3 issue of the Tribune on page A1.)
  • A man called “about the Fourth of July celebration this year. I’ve never heard so many illegal fireworks as I did last night. It sounded like cannons and bombs going off. It was like a battlefield. I called the police department and they referred me to the fire department. My question is: Who is enforcing the laws about these explosives? Is it the police or fire department? Something needs to be done.”
  • A woman “just read about the dog (Hilary) who used to be around Farnesi’s has passed away. I was sad to hear that. When we ate at Farnesi’s we would feed her. It’s sad.”
  • A lady “thanked everyone about calling in about the (possibly soon-to-be-mandatory) garbage collection. Let’s keep talking about it. That’s the only way we will get anything done. Let’s work together to get rid of the crime and all the bad things that are affecting the place where we live.”
  • A woman called “in regards to the Madera health department. The playground in front of the WIC office. I went there one day and it was so obvious to see that the playground there is so dirty, so unkempt, and this is the health department. I just wonder how many germs are going through this playground.”
  • A man referred to last week’s Red Line and responded, “I am very upset that people are upset that we hired a principal who is not bilingual. What more does America have to do for the Hispanic people? They come over here by breaking our laws. They go to our schools. We do everything we can for them. They shouldn’t be saying what can I get out of America, but what can I put into America? We cater to them in everything. When it comes to hard work, they work hard in the fields, but when it comes to anything else they are lazy. They need to understand if their children can speak English, read and write it, they are that much better off.”
  • A regular “concerned citizen” caller called and again asked, “When are the oil companies are going to start lowering gas prices. That way we can start spending money on our economy.” He thought “they should lower gas to $1.50 (a gallon), that way the economy can grow.” (Editor’s note: Gas prices have gone down lately in Madera. The editor paid $3.6599 per gallon for regular Monday, considerably less than the $4.0599 of just a few weeks ago.)
  • “Fireworks in the cemetery,” a woman said. “Way to go. Save a plot for this grandma.”

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