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Some candidates’ signs still up

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webmaster | 06/24/14

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  • “I live in Chowchilla, and the election was weeks ago. Jay Varney ran for sheriff and he still has signs all over the county. I counted 10 on the right side of the road yesterday. He is chief of police in Chowchilla. Doesn’t he have to follow the law? (The caller is referring to a law which regulates the amount of time campaign signs may remain up after an election. Here is what it says: [1] Your campaign signs must encourage a particular vote in a scheduled election. [2] You can’t post the sign more than 90 days prior to the election and you must remove the sign within 10 days following the election. [3] Your yard sign can’t be more than 32 square feet. [4] You must file a Statement of Responsibility with the state.)
  • “I’m calling about the Madera South and Madera graduations. As a parent and an aunt, I wound up attending both.” She said that at the Madera High graduation, “they talked very bad about South. I think they should control that; the principal and community people should learn good sportsmanship and not talk bad about other schools.”
  • “This is in response to the teacher’s comments about food waste. I am a cafeteria worker, and I’d like to set the record straight. We offer the food to the children, and they are the ones discarding the food, not the cafeteria workers. We do recycle the food that is left over for the Rescue Mission. The trouble is that the children need to be educated at home to eat healthier and not throw it away. This will prevent a lot of food waste. People should do a little research before they call in their comments.”
  • “I enjoy Mr. O’Donovan’s articles and poems. I hope you continue to publish his articles and poems.”
  • “Can you tell me whom to call, or can you tell me what the law is on how many people can live in a two-bedroom, one-bath home of approximately 900 square feet?” (Here, in brief, is what the California Uniform Housing Code says: The general rule now is two people per bedroom plus one child. Infants under six months of age are not counted. So in a two-bedroom dwelling there could be a maximum of six people plus infants. Unless there is a den which can be considered another bedroom.)
  • “I just read the article about changing the watering, and I don’t have a problem with going down to two days. But why are they actually changing the days? Currently, odd numbers have the Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday schedule, and now they want to change us to the Wednesday, Sunday. If you want to take away a day, that’s fine, but at least let us keep two of the days we already have our sprinkler systems set for.”
  • “I see we approved a $156.4 billion state budget, with plenty for Medicare and welfare, so the Medi-Cal recipients and welfare recipients can afford ... cell phones.”
  • “July 4 is two weeks away, and the fireworks booths are up and running. California is in a drought, and you see an article about a home burning to the ground because of a lack of water, the city heightening water restrictions and Parkwood’s water woes. Yet, the city waters at all times, new orchards and vineyards are being planted and car washes run rampant using thousands of gallons of water. The city and county haven’t put any restrictions on any of these activities. And, now you’re not restricting fireworks usage either. Will there enough water to fight random structure or grass fires caused by these fireworks? People can still go to the public fireworks displays that are controlled and have safety procedures in place.”
  • “Here it is, June 21, at 10 o’clock at night, and so many illegal fireworks are going up. I hope everybody realizes that we have no water. Out here in Parkwood, there’s no water. So, if a house catches on fire, what are we supposed to do? The city and the county should have prevented all fireworks from being for sale. Besides the danger of the houses, and grass going up because of fireworks, the animals are going ballistic already. I think everybody needs to take a real good look at everything and every one. If there are any illegal fireworks this year, you need to call the sheriff’s office or the police. If they get overwhelmed, oh, well, it’s too bad. They should have taken care of this matter. If you have illegal fireworks and you live by me, I’m calling the sheriff’s department.”
  • “Thursday, at 5:11 a.m., there was that plane again taking off at Madera’s airport. Whoever owns that plane, please consider the citizens of Madera before you decide to start that plane’s engine. The noise is beyond reasonable, especially in the early-morning hours. I have noticed that it now appears that the plane now has some sort of muffler system (thank you for that much), but it is still not enough.”
  • “About the letter on the city car washers, these people don’t have money for prepaid funerals because they spend it all on weekends, beer parties and going to the casinos.”

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