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Some campaign signs still standing

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webmaster | 11/20/12

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  • A man “wanted to say that the bus stops the city just put in look very nice.”
  • A woman caller said, “There’s been a lot of robberies and break-ins out here in Madera Lakes. This community is like the forgotten community. Nobody comes. No politicians or anybody until it is election time. That is very sad.”
  • A man was “very glad they paved over those terrible bumps on the river bridge at Schnoor Avenue. I’m assuming the city did it and the many people that cross that bridge I would hope would be happy they did.”
  • A gentleman called “in regards to the comment (from a lady last week) about the Pomegranate Festival, and she wasn’t very happy with it because of the loud music from the band. I enjoyed it very much. It was wonderful. She said young people don’t have money. I’m young and I have money, so I don’t know what she’s talking about. Great job, pomegranate people, and I hope you have it next year. And lady, if you don’t like it, don’t go.”
  • ”I’m calling about the Madera city water,” began a lady. “I think it’s time for the city of Madera to start sending out memos to all the people in the city and county to turn off their sprinklers that are not needed. Or to the groundskeepers and gardeners to start fixing these sprinklers that are shooting up at four o’clock in the morning with water that is being wasted. Your water bill is going up. Turn off your sprinklers. It is raining and it is time to turn off your sprinklers.”
  • A woman agreed “with the letter by Chris Mariscotti about Sam Pistoresi. Kudos to Mariscotti. I couldn’t have said it better myself.”
  • A lady said, “excuses for jury duty should be over 65, not 70 to be excused for health problems without a doctor’s letter. Also, they should have a driver’s license and a good IQ. It’s not fair that the elderly that don’t drive be required to serve, or be called for jury duty.”
  • A man left a message “for anyone in the city and county of Madera. Look at your leftover campaign signs. They look like a bunch of litter. The deadline has passed to remove those signs. Call code enforcement and maybe we can get these ugly campaign signs down. Especially those Rico Oller signs. I see some for Rick Farinelli, and for a school board member. Let’s clean up our community, folks.”
  • A caller left “a message for Madera High football. How much did it cost to send the team down to get whipped in a playoff game?” If you guys could schedule Fresno High three or four times next season you may win a few games. Coach McKinney got what he deserves and this is what it will be like until you get rid of him and the athletic director.”

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