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Soccer coaches may be getting rowdy

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webmaster | 10/30/12

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  • A woman found it “pretty sad that the Tribune had a half page and full page articles on car shows and Heritage Day, etc., but when the veterans do something to support the community they get a very small picture with a very small write up on the bottom corner of the front page. I believe the community should show more support of their veterans that are keeping our country free.”
  • A man “just read the Red Line and the comment about the president cutting unemployment benefits down to 73 weeks. Obama does not cut unemployment benefits, Congress does. The Republican congress has not wanted any extensions. If you remember, the Republicans cut them off all together until a deal was worked out.”
  • A woman gave her name and said, “Creatures great and small, do not forget them all. Please adopt.”
  • “The leaders of Madera (County) still do not know what to do about the garbage collection,” said a lady. “All they have to do is make it mandatory. Charge all the homeowners on their taxes and that will solve the problem.”
  • A caller “wanted to know what the Madera Youth Soccer League (MYSL) is going to do about the couple that is coaching a girls Under-16 soccer team. Those coaches hit a fellow coach and parents over the head with an umbrella and started a scuffle out there. They should have been arrested. I want to know what the MYSL Board is going to do about it. Next time they need to call the Madera Police Department.”
  • A Madera graduate said he “understands that a teacher’s assistant has fixed absences and possibly grades for 70 or more seniors at Madera High School and I want to know why it hasn’t been looked into. It occurred before Oct. 20 and there has been nothing in the paper.”
  • A woman wanted to know “why the young men involved in the attendance scandal at Madera High were only suspended for one day? And why the young mastermind was not expelled, especially since he took money for an illegal act? Sounds like Watergate with Madera High trying to keep a lid on things. I also would like to know if the secretary who gave the young mastermind the computer password was disciplined and was it grades too or just attendance?"
  • A man wanted to know “where are the Madera Tribune sports writers for the Madera South Cross Country Team? They are ranked fourth in Division I and they were second to the number one school in California at the Roosevelt Invitational. There were no Tribune sports writers there. I would like to see more stories about the Madera South Cross Country Team.”
  • “Shooting a little 15-year old girl,” began a lady. “What a bunch of cowards. This old great grandma would love to be a part of a firing squad. I would enjoy the job and when it was over take them out to the desert and let the buzzards have a feast.”
  • A man called “about Chuck Genseal running for Madera School Board Area 1. He lists several committees and organizations that he is affiliated with. Most of them are unknown or unheard of.”
  • A woman asked if “someone can please tell me what has happened to Paul Stanford?” (Note: Paul Stanford is no longer with the Tribune. We wish him success in all his future endeavors.)
  • “I’d like to leave a comment on the article, “Who won the debate’,” began a man. “I agree with Frank Bradford.” He then talked about “(columnist) Tami Jo Nix. She shouldn’t be allowed to make a statement or write an article about the Catholic Church or Mormon Church. She knows nothing about them. What she writes is just an opinion and not a fact. She should be reprimanded for writing something controversial and probably offended thousands of Catholics in Madera.”
  • A woman called “regarding the paper of Oct. 15 on letters to the editor. I want to congratulate Sam Pistoresi and Frank Bradford for their beautiful articles.”
  • Referring to those “two letters (above) in today’s paper it just reinforces just how full of hate the Republicans are.”
  • A man had a message “for (Madera High football coach Scott) McKinney, not the Coyote players. Last year you said we couldn’t win any league games because we didn’t have a quarterback. This year you claim to have two quarterbacks, but are off to your worst record since the McKinney era started.”
  • A woman called about “Chubby’s (restaurant). I went over there and it was closed up. (Note: Chubby’s has been closed for a month with no indication of a future tenant.)
  • A woman called “on Proposition 34. Basically, I believe in the death penalty, but California has totally messed up the whole system. When Scott Peterson was given the death penalty he was number 640 on the list. Once a person receives the death penalty all that person’s legal fees are paid for by the government. If they eliminated it those monies could be spent so much better on vocational schools.”
  • A woman wanted “to just take a few moments and thank Coach Fernandez for his golf tournament and Madera Country Club. We don’t live in Madera but make a point of attending. It was sad to see, this year, there was almost no parent participation to help support the (Madera South) Stallion baseball program. They should be more involved.”
  • A woman wanted to “give a shout out to the churches on Sunset (Avenue). I want to thank them for their inspiring quotes (on their message boards.) They always have something to say that I can relate to anyway.”
  • A woman called to “ask anyone that calls a hard of hearing person to speak clearly and slowly. Especially when the hard of hearing person asked you. This goes for every doctor or business office, every friend or enemy, everybody. Please do it. It is hell being hard of hearing.”

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