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Smartest man did not get it right

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webmaster | 10/16/12

A letter written by Albert Einstein was found, concerning his beliefs that there is no God, and that man invented Him because he couldn’t explain “things.”

Well, I don’t understand “things,” either. Like, how does that air sack get in an egg? All I know is where it comes from, and if I laid it, there wouldn’t be air in it.

How do babies get out? I asked that of my Mom at lunch one day. My sister choked on her sandwich, but Mom calmly said “God made a special opening in women.”

Well, I am 71 years old and I still don’t understand how that happens. Don’t understand how a Hummingbird lays a 1/2 inch egg either ... another special opening.

I am glad I believe in God. All the wonders just in our backyards. Some are pests, but wonders still. Tiny flies and there are millions of varieties. If there were no God, wouldn’t just a few do? Birds, and all with a different song ... for their benefit ... or for ours?

Looking at a purely dark sky, with no city lights, like up at Dutch Lake in the Sierras. Only your own heartbeat for a sound. Stars and planets everywhere, forever. Smartest man in the world, but he missed the boat.

John 3:16

Bill Hoffrage


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