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A shoutout to the Alpha Gator girls

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webmaster | 04/30/13

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  • A woman “just wanted to thank Parkwood Elementary School for hosting the sixth grade girls’ basketball tournament. Thanks to the schools who wouldn’t open up their gyms and the girls had to play out in the sun on the hard, hot blacktop. A shoutout to the Alpha Gator girls for winning the championship. You go, girls.”
  • A woman replied “to the man who sarcastically said about Super King Restaurant. Maybe he needs to go over and try how good it is. The food is good there. My husband and his co-workers have been there and they say it’s good and they don’t work there.”
  • “Why do so many people think the food at the Super King restaurant is good?” asked a woman. “I don’t think it’s that great. In fact, after I ate lunch there, I didn’t feel all that good for the rest of the afternoon. I probably won’t be going back.”
  • A woman “from the Madera Camera Club” said “I am so disappointed in The Madera Tribune. Tonight we are hosting the Madera Camera Club International Show. A publicity article was delivered days ago with the assurances that it would be printed this time. It was not. This has happened before. This event has over 3,000 entries and is a huge undertaking. The club looks forward to presenting this show to the public, but if the Tribune doesn’t publish the information then we all lose out. Signed, a decidedly disappointed Camera Club, again.”
  • A woman called “regarding the seven drivers that were arrested and deported for not having papers. I had another thought: Mr. Ramirez, how could you have hired these people legally? You have to have a Social Security number. You hired them illegally. Here in Madera there are people trying to get jobs and aren’t able. It’s who you know, not how qualified you are. People have to go to another city to get a job. Put that in your paper because that is the truth.”
  • A woman responded “to the woman who said teachers can’t go on strike because she will be stuck all day at home with her kids. Perhaps as a single mom she should get a job and go to work or maybe she can go shopping with teachers that will be on strike.” Her second thought was “the school district is now saying they are bankrupt and can’t make their salaries. It is interesting and hard to believe this is the first we’ve heard of this and only has come out when the teachers are threatening to go on strike. Good timing.”
  • “The teachers who want to go on strike should try farming for a while,” said a man. “They would be surprised how many hours they put in and don’t get paid at all. I want them to have fair wage, but there are no guarantees in life. They can’t be fired. They have health insurance. Try farming, and when you go to buy it see how much it is.”
  • “I would like to thank the person who turned my car keys in at Walmart, Monday,” said a lady. “There are nice people in the world. Thank you so very much.”
  • “I was sorry to read that Leon Emo will not be doing any more of his stories about the desert,” said a woman. “His last one (Saturday, April 27) had me laughing and crying in the same story. His descriptions put you right there and I hope he will do more.”
  • Another woman said, “I used to live in Trona and very much enjoyed Leon Emo’s story of my old town (Saturday, March 30). I am going back there someday just to visit some old places and the area. Thank you, Leon for your ‘Meanderings’ and your story on Trona.”
  • A man “was just down on main street (Yosemite Avenue) getting some bread at the bakery and a fashion store next door had a speaker that hurt my ears. It was loud. There were clothes hanging on the outside from above. There has to be some kind of ordinance where they can stop these guys from doing what they want. Across the street there’s a canopy with signs all about T-shirts. It’s a circus here on main street. I can’t believe Madera isn’t doing anything about it.”

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