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Should MHS be in Division IV?

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webmaster | 09/03/13

All comments are edited for length and content. Because of content and space limitations some comments may not be published. More than one comment from the same person in the same week will normally not be published. If your message contains profanity it will not be used. Please keep your calls to two minutes or less.

  • A hard to understand caller’s partially understood message said, “Madera (football) will never be a powerhouse like they were in the 1980s. Their line looks like a bunch of twigs. Maybe they should apply for Division IV for the playoffs.” With that the caller ended with a laugh.
  • A man had a message for editor “Chuck. I think watching that cat has driven you nuts. Because, I’ll tell you what, Avenue 9 is not any better. I’m sitting here at the railroad crossing and from (Highway) 99 to the railroad crossing it’s in a sad state and I’m sure it will be that way almost to the (Children’s) Hospital.”
  • “What has happened to the color in the paper?” asked a caller. “I hope you get back to the front page color. It looks like the paper from the 1950s.”
  • A man began, “Sunday morning I espied the San Francisco paper on my porch. I told my gal I was going to retrieve the aforementioned newspaper for my perusal. On the fourth page I found a plethora of quotations by well-known authors. In his second book, Herb Caen advised the following: if your goal is to become an author or journalist learn to write as you do in normal conversation. How bizarre.”
  • A woman wanted “to know what is happening to Valley Way. People are removing their trees, but not the roots. We need the shade and it is very hot in Madera. And if they are shared trees shouldn’t they speak to the neighbor before removing them? Please put this in the paper.”
  • “My favorite writers are Coate and Emo,” began a gentleman. “But after reading the stories by Bill Coate on the Madera High of ‘63 I wonder if he is going to do a story or more on any other classes.”
  • “I always enjoy “Meanderings” at the end of the month,” began a man. “The story on Tiburon was good, but I wish Emo would get back to the desert. He seems to be inspired and his writing is so much better when he writes about the desert.”
  • However, a lady said about the same Meanderings that appeared Saturday. “I noticed when I read Emo’s story about him and his so-called gal going to Tiburon that he quickly had her leave the fancy stores before she had a chance to buy anything. Always knew he was a cheap (expletive) who never buys her hardly anything.”
  • A lady asked, “are you going to put the football schedules in the paper, because how else are we going to know when to go to the games.” (Note: A special football section with schedules will be in Friday’s edition of the Tribune.)
  • A woman wanted to know “if someone could do a story on Lee Kitchen in (Madera) Ranchos. There is no MSG in their meals and their food is to die for.” She gave the address and phone number of the restaurant.
  • Several calls were received about “not receiving the weekly TV schedule, or guide in Saturday’s edition. This is the second week in a row,” said a couple callers.
  • “I need the Tribune to investigate this for me,” began a man. “Who is to blame for deciding to start Madera High at 7 a.m.? My extended family wants to know. You obviously did not ask the community. My granddaughter traditionally drove her younger sister and brother to school. Now she can’t because Madera High starts way before Madera South. The single mom has to scramble and try to get to work, in Fresno, on time. Because of your needless change she must now try and find another job. In this economy? There are many families in the same boat. Someone needs to be demoted or fired. Can the Tribune also find out why Monday schedules are not the same at both high schools?”
  • A man said, “that Chuck Doud who is always writing about his cat all the time, is he related to Elwood Doud?” (Note: Elwood Doud, was played by James Stewart in the movie “Harvey” an imaginary six-foot tall rabbit.)
  • “I need help,” began a man. “Would someone please explain to me, kids falling out of school, smoke in the sky, and air causing disease. And practically all night long we have men with their boys’ toys racing around the track making noise that is objectionable, polluting the air with burning fuel. I would like to know why this dichotomy exists. Give me a look see, please.”

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