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Should McIntyre finish Cogdill term?

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webmaster | 11/05/13

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  • “A really upset Madera resident” said she “just received her Madera Irrigation District bill. I’m pretty reluctant to pay it this time,” she said. “For the past two years I walk Beechwood Way and I see a vehicle with a number 4-07 that belongs to the Irrigation District being used to bring stuff from the store and possible use. I need someone to take me to the store and I’m pretty upset.”
  • A man said, “It has been months and months since you have printed anything about the NFL in the paper. Please give us some news on professional football. All you do is give us stuff about Madera High and Madera South and the car races. Who in the hell wants to see results from car races? We want professional football in your paper.”
  • A man wanted “to thank the Madera County Road Department. A week ago I called the new county number 311 and asked for the Road Department to report numerous bad potholes on Road 36 between Highway 145 and Avenue 15. Within a week those potholes were all fixed. The road is still a little rough, but at least there are no potholes. If you want potholes fixed feel free to call 311, asked for the Road Department and tell them where the potholes are at. They will get out there and fix them.”
  • A man called “about a new restaurant (name given) over here on Cleveland (Avenue). We were there the second day it was open. The portions were ridiculously small and the wings were a joke. Also, we ordered things on the menu and they said, ‘oh, we don’t have them right now.’ Why open if you don’t have it available. The service was also not as good as expected.”
  • “Hello, it’s me again,” began a man. “I am responding to that man (again) about Madera High starting at 7:40. I am the original man that called about the starting time. I did not say it was the teenagers’ fault. I did not say it was the parents’ fault. But I did say it was the parents’ fault for giving their teenagers the responsibility for getting their brothers and sisters to school on time and safely. That is what I did say. It is the parents’ responsibility.”
  • A lady called “about the freshman team for Madera South (High). I was wondering, with a record of 7-1, why they aren’t featured in the paper? They cover all the other sports. Coach Steve Contreras is such an awesome individual. It would be nice to see an article written on him.”
  • A woman called on “the picture advertising the Interact Club’s Haunted House a few days ago in the paper. The photo showed a student acting out a murder scene with a knife. In regards to recent events in the news I really thought that was in poor taste. I have been concerned about the Interact Haunted House for years because I don’t believe it stands for the goals, as I understand them, of Interact. I thought they were kind of a Christian based group. My children were involved for a year or so and dropped out, partly because of that Haunted House. Maybe it’s time we support Interact in a new fundraiser that isn’t awful.”
  • A woman called about (school board trustee) “Lynn Cogdill not being able to finish his term in office. I would like to see Ed McIntyre finish his (Cogdill’s) term. I like the fact that Cogdill recognized and was concerned about the disproportionate number of minorities being suspended and I thank him for that.”
  • “I am a veteran,” said a gentleman. “I must tell you after reading and seeing all the pictures in the Fresno Bee and on television I was pretty disappointed with the Tribune’s coverage on our own local veterans returning from Washington. Oh, the story was good, but only two pictures? They deserved more.”
  • A lady said about the story, “I was extremely disappointed with your lack of pictures on the return of Madera’s own veterans. You have a whole page full when it comes to a Halloween ball or some other dinner-dance of people eating and drinking, but this prestigious trip, it was the first one from the Valley, and only two pictures? I noticed you had plenty of ads and I know that pays the bills, but this was special.”
  • Yet “another veteran” said, “what a disservice you did to our own Madera veterans with your story on their return. I saw your writer at the (Fresno) airport and he was taking a lot of pictures. So was his son. And you give us two, and one of them was of a World War II veteran by the Korean War Memorial? Too late now, but I think you blew a big chance and right before Veteran’s Day.”
  • A woman who gave her name asked about the “Tribune’s tribute to veterans. I had placed my husband picture last year and I was wondering if you kept the photo from last year?” She asked that we call her and left her phone number.
  • A lady read “that the sheriff’s office did a (marijuana) bust around Oakhurst, yet nobody is arrested. There have been quite a few busts around Madera and Oakhurst, and they are doing a fantastic job, but why doesn’t anybody ever get arrested? Arrest these people and get this crap off the road. Thanks for doing a great job, but ship them home or put them in prison forever.”
  • “Editor Chuck Doud writes great editorials,” said a gentleman. (But) Chuck, please don’t lower your standards like the recent one about reading in your bathroom.” • A woman called about a gas station (name given) on west Yosemite (Avenue). They advertise full service, but when I pulled up to get gas I asked them to check my oil, they said they don’t do that. This is not full service and the gas is higher at that station. I didn’t like the service and will not be going back.”
  • “I saw in the paper that the hospital doesn’t accept Humana insurance,” began a man. “Yet Humana is still in town and is having a meeting for people. Did the hospital change their mind?”
  • A woman “wanted to know what kind of district attorney’s office Mr. Keitz is running? Since he has taken over, 23 attorneys have left. That’s a 150 percent turnover. Apparently all Mr. Keitz does is spy on the emails of his staff, go to ribbon cuttings and do press releases. Of course, in the press releases, he takes credit for all the trials. Of course, Mr. Keitz only goes to court if the press is going to be there. He doesn’t actually handle any cases.”

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