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Shortage of responsibility in city

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benf | 04/30/14

I have lived and worked in Madera for more than 20 years rearing a family and grandchildren. I have seen the city of Madera continually decline in many aspects, most of which is the aspect of personal responsibility.

By no means am I perfect and I never will be, but I am tired of paying for other irresponsible people here in Madera. Where are our code enforcement officers? The people of “Love Madera” should be greatly applauded for their community pride and hard work. But to be honest, they are cleaning up after other irresponsible people a majority of the time.

Also, it appears that the city of Madera practices preferential enforcement in regards to city code violations. I read recently that a city resident was ordered to have the mistletoe removed from their tree (really?). Months ago at 4 p.m. on a Sunday evening on my quiet residential street, I was issued a citation by the Madera Police Department for parking my personal vehicle in front of my own driveway. This citation, in my opinion, was weak. I had parked my vehicle in front of my driveway to unload groceries. Anyway, after reviewing the California Vehicle Code, I found out that, yes, I had violated the C.V.C. This citation cost me $60. But over the years I have noticed that the Madera Police Department, code enforcement and other city departments are targeting the people of Madera who they [city department(s)] know are responsible citizens who will pay the fines.

Maybe we should deputize all of the adults involved in “Love Madera” as code enforcement officers. I am sure they would generate a lot of financial revenue for the city. Heck, give me a citation book, I’ll write some citations. Don’t get me wrong, there are many people who need help in helping themselves, but a majority of people would rather sit back and live in a dirty environment and let other people clean up their mess.

Example: Just an idea, the city of Madera pays for street cleaning throughout the city. Why not post signs on the streets that indicate the day and time of their street cleaning so that vehicles can be removed for proper street cleaning. For example: Vehicles not moved would be cited by a police cadet or code enforcement officer who would follow the street cleaner, and every car the street sweeper had to go around (lost revenue) would be given a citation. I know more people would move their cars to avoid a ticket, but the entire street would be clean. And those individuals who failed to pay their citation would eventually have to pay them at the Department of Motor Vehicles, and a portion of this fine would go back to the city of Madera (added revenue). This idea alone would clean up our city curbsides and create revenue for the city.

All of the city district council members need to look in their districts if they have any civic pride whatsoever.

In summary, we are all human beings, we need to help each other when needed, but those individuals (white, black, brown, yellow, green, pink, etc., of all ethnicities) need to be responsible for their own actions instead of depending on others when they can do the job themselves.

P.S.: Should we even discuss the over watering by the city throughout Madera?

Bill Benedix, Madera

Winner displays high character

I was privileged last Thursday night to present a $1,000 scholarship on behalf of the Greater Madera County Industrial Association to a Madera South High School student pursuing her dream of becoming a mechanical engineer.

Graduating with a cumulative 4.33 GPA while taking honors math and science courses, Mogaolia Chang is no ordinary scholar; she is a determined young woman who has overcome daunting challenges. While participating in several extra-curricular clubs and activities, this second of seven children has helped her mother, who is a farmer, to support a family without a father. Through ingenuity and determination she also overcame initial school objections to gain an internship with the Foster Parker Insurance agency. There, for the past two years she has earned work experience and money for her family. Her work supervisor cites her continuous initiative as the touchstone of her stellar performance. This ability to seek out and embrace a challenge, adapt, and overcome great difficulties embodies the entrepreneurial spirit that has propelled America for centuries.

World renowned pediatric brain surgeon, Dr. Ben Carson, now being called upon to run for president, was another talented child who adapted and overcame tremendous obstacles to succeeded in life and bring the gift of healing to so many others. In his lectures and books he never fails to deliver his uplifting message that although no two people face the same difficulties, everyone faces tough challenges at some point in their lives; and it is how we choose to respond to those adversities that determines the course of our lives and gives us the power to succeed.

It is clear that Miss Chang has already internalized the positive values that Dr. Carson advocates. In a world where so many politicians extoll the virtues of government and diminish the spirit and the human potential of ordinary Americans, it is inspiring to see that there are young people such as Ms. Chang who challenge themselves to make a better future for themselves and for our community.

Christopher Green Vice President GMCIA


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