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Shedding light on one ‘stupid’ law

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webmaster | 10/02/13

You would think that after 160 years of being a state, California legislators would have passed all the common-sense laws they could think of and I believe they have.

Now, especially our super majority, are thinking up the stupidest laws that most of us would never think of such as AB 1266. Gov. Brown, very quietly, signed into law a “co-ed bathroom law” for K-12 public schools. The schools will be required to allow a boy who would like to be a girl or think of himself as a girl access to the girls bathroom or locker room and he can shower with the girls and he can play on a girls sports team.

I am not making this up, even though it is ridiculous. Can you picture a senior high school boy showering with the girls or a girl showering with the boys?

What Gov. Moonbeam did not consider is the 99 percent of the other kids who do not want to do this or the parents who will rightfully be very upset, even outraged, when they find this happening.

This is somehow supposed to reduce bullying in school? How? You know what the boys are going to do about the one boy who is showering with the girls? Now you will have bullying.

There is a group called “Privacy for all Students” that is circulating petitions to try to stop this law before it goes into effect in January. They have to collect 500,000 signatures statewide by early November to qualify this referendum for the next statewide election and stop this insanity. You can sign a petition at

Frank Bradford,


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