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She’s praying for the Republicans

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webmaster | 09/07/12

The Republican National Convention was uplifting. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are men of faith, have strong family values, are strong on national security, and have God-given talents to deal with the economy. I pray they are God’s choice.

However, healing of our economy may happen, but may not be enough. Every person needs to step up with courage to deal with the moral condition of our nation. We all make a difference. Morality can be legislated to discourage and punish sin, such as stealing, murder, and rape. But it is the heart of man that needs to change, which cannot be legislated. Only God can change the heart.

It is not the business of the Christian church to know who will be saved from eternal death. It is the business of the church to teach the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ paying the penalty of death for sinners, and freeing sinners from being slaves to the sin nature. It is also the business of the church to make disciples, to help people follow the teachings of the Holy Bible, of which, some teachings are clear, many are debated.

It is clear that abortion, adultery, fornication, and homosexuality are dangerous sins; but there is confusion on what is right or wrong in other areas. Is it wrong to gamble? If addicted or close to, yes, otherwise, let God guide you. Is drinking alcohol wrong? If addicted or close to, yes, otherwise let God guide you. Is it wrong to dance? Suggestively or close to, yes, otherwise, let God guide you. If you are not sure if gambling, drinking alcohol or dancing is a sin, and if your conscious bothers you, don’t do it, it is sin for you.

Is it wrong to have music in church service? I don’t see the interpretation of Scripture that some use to support this. God gave people musical talent. Is this really important to make an issue of, is this a salvation issue? Is it wrong to take communion every week? If it is a thoughtless habit instead of from the heart, yes. Do we really need teachings on health and wealth?

God does not promise vibrant health and financial wealth. It is up to us to discipline ourselves to eat and drink that which is healthy for our body, to exercise, and get the rest we need, but this does not guarantee vibrant health. It is up to us to utilize our God-given talents to work and to spend, give, and save what is earned wisely. Our need is to rely on God for help to discipline ourselves and for wisdom for handling money. Are we grateful for all His blessings, healthy or not, wealthy or not?

Read and study the Bible on your own and with Bible teachers whose teachings don’t appeal to the human nature. Teachings that are easy to hear and do not challenge our thoughts, attitudes, motives, words, or actions is not true teaching. Following God’s way will be challenging, submitting is not always easy. We don’t want anyone telling us how to live or what to do, not even God. Until we see in the Word how prideful we are and how good God is, we will not be able or willing to walk through the fire of change that will produce a life pleasing to God. Just because our beliefs and desires are strong does not mean they are right. Let the Word of God teach you, change you, and encourage others to do the same.

Don’t rely on our politicians for the moral state of our nation; rely on God to help us live morally and pray for our leaders.

Katherine Atilano,


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