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Senators get an earful this week

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webmaster | 03/11/14

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  • “I’m calling about Chuck Doud’s article on March 4th about the two Democratic state senators who are going to be paid their $95,000-a-year salaries while they fight the felony charges against them,” said a Madera woman. “I would appreciate a number to call where we could see who voted to pay those salaries. We need to have a massive phone-in to those people.” (Editor’s note: Basically all but two of the Senate Democrats voted down a resolution Monday to kick out the two senators, Ronald Calderon and Roderick Wright. “Both of these members are not here and they are not coming back unless they are cleared of criminal charges,” Steinberg told his colleagues, according to The Los Angeles Times. “I would urge all of us to stop wasting time.” Previously, he had said the two would get their pay until their cases were fully resolved in the legal system. Steinberg’s office phone number is 916-651-4006; the address is State Capitol, Room 205, Sacramento, CA 95814.)
  • “Shame on you, Harry Reid, for getting up on the Senate floor and lying about the American people and the Koch brothers themselves,” a woman said. “They are awesome Americans fighting for jobs and fighting for freedoms that the Republicans and Democrats are trying to take away from us. Just because you have immunity on the Senate floor, doesn’t mean you should tell lies about people.”
  • “I am very disturbed about our home wells going dry while the big ag users dig deeper,” said a resident. “How about a class-action suit to make them pay for new wells for us, or to put us on city water?”
  • “It seems as though we are losing control of it,” a gentleman said about the Red Line, “and it is becoming just a forum for people to call each other names. I hope we get back to the real crucial things that affect our community.”
  • “I’m calling to comment on a property that’s been abandoned for many years on the corner of Foxglove Way and Road 26” said a lady caller. “That’s been an eyesore. Where is the county code enforcement? The building is all boarded up. People are beginning to dump trash there. Someone should look into it. That is a real bad situation there.”
  • “I’m just calling to comment on the woman who called about undocumented immigrants,” said a female caller. “She said it so well. It’s not about racism. It’s about following the law. I’m tired of people saying we’re picking on them. We’re not. It’s just that we have to go by our laws, and that caller said it so well.”
  • A caller commented about a report by a Fresno television station. “It states that Madera is considered one of the dirtiest metropolitan areas in the nation. It’s pretty humiliating to see that hundreds of thousands of people come through here, and what do they come to? To a horrific-looking main street. Let’s do something about it. It’s despicable.”
  • Another woman called about a Chuck Doud column about a woman who had lost her cell phone in her recycling bag, and how it was recovered by Sunset Waste, the city’s trash hauler. “One day, my dentures happened to be missing, and we couldn’t get the haulers to do anything about it. They said everything would be crushed by the time it got to Fresno, and they couldn’t do anything about it. Is her cell phone more important than my teeth ... my dentures? That’s crazy. ... And, I don’t see why you would make a story about it.”
  • An online reader reacted to a drought article. “Why not look into building a desalination plant on the coast and pump the clean water inland,” he wrote. “Saudi Arabia does it.”
  • A woman also commented, “Water is our most precious commodity and everyone should learn to conserve. How nice it would be to see California residents learn that most of our state, at least the central to southern portions, are more desert than anything else. In particular, it would be wonderful if the folks in Los Angeles would realize where their water comes from and start practicing water conservation.”

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