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Selection of principal applauded

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webmaster | 07/05/12

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  • A man questioned “the unemployment rate dropping. My question is as people fall off unemployment because they run out of benefits do they show them as being employed because they are no longer collecting unemployment? If that’s the case, don’t you think the numbers are way off throughout the whole United States?” (Editor’s note: Many people agree that may be the case.)
  • A woman was “wondering if the Board of Supervisors would ever consider the idea that some of us that have trash bins that serve two or three families are pitching in and paying for those bins. You better get your facts together before you start charging everybody when we are already doing the job.”
  • “What happens to garbage on our roads?” asked a lady. “They dump it. They burn it, or leave it piled up in their yard. Everyone needs garbage collection and give us new bins. Everyone should be responsible for garbage collection and to clean up our roads.”
  • A woman was glad “to see the supervisors wake up and see they are losing money by not making it mandatory to use their garbage service. That’s why you see all the couches, chairs and all kinds of garbage along roadways. Make it mandatory. If you have a problem collecting, assess their taxes. It’s a no-brainer.”
  • On the same subject, a man said, “Mr. Doug Papagni was wondering what happens to the other 75 percent that doesn’t make it to the dump. About half of that gets burned. In our area I can vouch for that because in the winter months, when it’s foggy, we can’t go outside because the air is so toxic. I’d love to see them make garbage collection mandatory.”
  • “There is a great Farmers Market downtown on Thursday nights,” began a lady. “I bought some wonderful produce and many other items. Whoever organized it should be congratulated. I hope it continues.”
  • A man called “to correct a caller in the Red Line about the (school district’s) deputy superintendent’s gas allowance and health insurance. Actually, it’s not $1,700 a year for both; it is $17,000 for both for one year. Which brings his salary closer to $160,000 a year.”
  • A woman responded “to the woman who called about the shoes hanging from the power line at Mainberry and Sunset. The shoes usually mean a drug dealer is open for business. They need to call the police department or city to drag them down. Unless they are already being watched and that’s why the shoes are up there.”
  • A woman began, “All the way to heaven, Leon darling, you’re the best. I loved the article (column) ‘If dogs go to heaven.’ I’m also going with Will Rogers and what he said: ‘If there are no dogs in heaven then I want to go where they went.” One dog I know is now in heaven. The smiling Hilary outside Farnesi’s Restaurant. What a wonderful dog.” The caller’s voice choked with emotion, but she concluded, “always greeting you. In her honor, if any Madera residents are thinking of adopting a dog please go to our local animal shelter.”
  • “A city worker,” said, “I want to know why we can’t borrow from our CalPers or ICMA retirement? We can borrow from a 401k or an IRA, but not these. I have a retirement I need to use now and can’t use it.”
  • Several callers responded to the protest at a recent school board meeting about hiring a principal at Millview Elementary who isn’t bilingual. A woman said, “Please don’t concern yourself that the new principal is not bilingual. She is highly focused and motivated, and most of all cares for your children. You couldn’t ask for a more competent principal.”
  • “So the parents think she is not competent because she does not speak Spanish,” said another lady. “They’re living in this wonderful country of ours and they won’t take the time to learn English. Give me a break. I don’t know why we listen to them anyway. They should learn English if they are going to live here.”
  • “I’m really disgusted,” began a caller, “for them to say the principal is incompetent because she doesn’t speak Spanish. That is one of the most racist, bigoted remarks I have ever heard. People have come here for years and have learned the language. We don’t have to speak their language, this is not Mexico. They should get with the program and assimilate into America.”
  • “The school board finally made a correct decision in hiring the new Millview principal,” said a man. “It is time we stop catering to these people that come over from Mexico. I don’t remember the Italians, the Germans, the Russians, and even the Indians from India not having to learn English. They didn’t ask for any special favors. They were grateful to be here in America and learned the language. The Mexicans can do the same.”
  • “One of his best ever and I read every one,” said a woman. “Leon’s (Emo) ‘Meanderings’ this morning (Saturday, June 30) took me to another place and I felt I was right there, going on those roads, seeing the old town and having a great time. You should collect all his desert stories and put them in a book. I’d certainly buy it.”
  • A man who gave his name, “just witnessed an accident on Yosemite street (Avenue). How many more accidents have to occur on Yosemite street between I and P streets when people are trying to cross the road? I think the bushes that stand between two and three feet tall should be eliminated and a low growing ground cover put in its place. I think you’ll see the accident rate go down.”
  • A man called because “I am concerned about Madera. We have all these high paid superintendents and assistant superintendents. We should have our money going elsewhere. We should have more policemen, and more code enforcement. Madera is beginning to look like a ghetto town. As for the superintendents, explain to me what they really do. When you call they ain’t (sic) there. So please explain that to me.”

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