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School bosses don’t support Madera

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webmaster | 06/03/13

The City of Madera is missing something. We are missing a school district that has the interest of our citizens in place. Mr. Balderas came in and removed, retired and rehired many of our key people with people like himself.

They are here to build resumes and wait for the next big paycheck. Our school district has continued to give ownership to people that are here for the short term and have no desire to be part of our community. These people don’t buy houses here. They don’t eat at our restaurants, pay taxes, support Little League. They collect their six figures, go to Clovis and update their resumes, looking for new jobs while their kids go to one of those Clovis schools. Our schools are good enough to work in but not good enough to educate their children in. Our community pays well but heaven forbid they live here.

Furthermore, they don’t believe in people who live here. They will continue the cycle of bringing in people from the outside who have no desire to stay.

Our current superintendent (please Google and look up his past history) hired his old friend and paid him $40,000 dollars to tell us what we need to do to improve our Special Education Department. How about asking teachers? How about asking parents? Our board now hired a private eye to investigate their own problems. They cannot even follow through the hiring of a new person and are keeping the current superintendent in the roll. Meanwhile, the guy keeps bullying administrators (who don’t live here) and our teachers union.

He has been in so many districts he probably forgets where he is, and yet none of those districts felt better off and never fought to keep him. His plan to break the strike is to hire substitutes and pile all the kids at the high school into the gym.

Fresno Unified has looked at the upcoming numbers. They are reducing the number of students per class, are hiring more teachers and giving their teachers a raise meanwhile maintaining a $60 million reserve in their savings account. Madera Unified is firing young teachers (which I’m sure Fresno will hire), increasing class size, reducing teacher pay and maintaining a $37 million unnecessary reserve. Why do we need $37 million when we are one-fourth the size?

Our teachers have already taken a strike vote. How is Madera Unified going to hire and keep quality teachers if Fresno pays more, works less and is giving better benefits? It is not a problem only if your child goes to school in Madera. It’s only a problem if you own a home in Madera and you understand the value of your home is tied to the success of the school.

Once again, this new guy that has not been here a year owns no property here, has been released from more jobs in the last 10 years then anyone I know, is trying to tell our board that he can break the strike. We are losing quality teachers and the district office does not care because for their next job they have to show the budget and how they saved money.

People who don’t support our community are running our schools. Our tax dollars are leaving and heading south on 99 and we are not getting any return. These people do not care about the long-term effects of their decisions and we, as a community need to step up. Their goal is to pad their resumes and leave.

Call your school board member and ask about what your child’s administrator is involved in locally. Tell them you don’t want your child’s teacher to strike because you will have to take off work or find a sitter for them. Your child needs to be in school with a teacher. Tell them your child deserves the same ratio and days as the kids in Clovis (currently they want to reduce those days and put more kids in each class) and you are tired of them wasting your money trying to fix their problems.

Lastly, tell them you want them to hire our people and keep our people. If somebody wants to work here and progress they need to become part of our community and raise their kids with our kids. They need to invest not only financially but also socially and with philanthropy. Actually you just want them to do what is best for your kids and your community.

Let your voice be heard.

Eva Jimenez,


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