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School board rules draw comment

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webmaster | 02/21/12

All comments are edited for length and content. Because of content and space limitations some comments may not be published. More than one comment from the same person in the same week will normally not be published. Please keep your calls to two minutes or less.

  • “Thank you, Rev. Randy Brannon,” began a lady about his letter to the editor. “And thank you, Randy Brannon and supervisor David Rogers. Why are the other board of supervisors members afraid to let us vote in June to see if we want the casino? Those four supervisors need to be replaced.”
  • Another woman referred to the same article. “Let it be known that hundreds of years ago all of this land belonged to the Indians. It was the white man that took the land away from them. I realize that there are those opposed for either religious or personal reasons, but try to understand the Indians are only trying to recoup and make a living for themselves. It would also help Madera County financially. Try to be a little more thoughtful and open-minded.”
  • Another caller said, “We don’t need the casino. When are we going give up on the Indians about getting more land? We don’t give land to the African-Americans who suffered, or Asians who suffered. This has got to stop.”
  • A man “borrowed some money from (name of business and address given) and went to put the money in the bank and was told one of the bills was counterfeit. I called the business back and they said there was nothing they could do about it. I threatened them with a lawsuit and more, and they finally offered me 50 bucks like I would shut up. Well, I’m not shutting up.”
  • A man wanted “to comment on the ‘no parking’ signs that were placed by the city in front of a local church on Sunset (Avenue). My hat’s off to the city for acting so quickly after the tragic event there. (A church member was in an accident as she was leaving the parking lot. She later died.) There is probably a lot of red tape involved and I want to thank all those departments of the city for getting it done.”
  • A hard-to-understand caller said after reading a letter, “that Fox news said more than 70 percent of Catholics voted for Obama in 2008. In this coming election it is so valuable, and we need a change of presidents.”
  • There were many calls about the Madera Unified School Board of Trustees, with all but one concerned about the new rules for conduct of trustee meetings and “not being able to speak as a citizen, the public or parent. You can sure tell the leadership on the board needs a little bit more training and dealing with public. We sure miss former president, trustee Robert Garibay.”
  • Another woman said, “Trustees Robert Garibay and Lynn Cogdill have been standing up to (trustee) Arredondo’s dictatorship on behalf of the interests of the people.”
  • More calls came in, almost a record number on one subject, concerned with parents and public “not being able to voice their opinions, worries and concerns at the board meetings.” Another man (name given) said, “public comments are being restricted. I don’t know why they need that much control unless they do not want the public to find out something they are hiding.”
  • A young man said, “I’m 21. Because of the new rule that public comments are not even welcome I do not even go to the podium for my comments. I believe this exclusion of public comments is not the way to run a public institution.”
  • Supervisor Lynn Cogdill also gave his name and said, “here’s my statement: I will not back down when asked questions publicly at a board meeting. Eighty percent of the questions I have come from the public. I will never forget I am a representative of the people and not a king sitting on a throne.”
  • After over a dozen similar calls a single call from a woman said, “We should congratulate school board president Arredondo for making sure we are getting our tax dollars’ worth at the district. He was able to make the senior staff at the school district work harder at the meetings these days. Keep it up, Mr. Arredondo.”
  • “Listen to your message,” began a strange call. “Cynthia? A Virgin Mobil customer has sent you a text to a landline.” The Red Line does not accept text messages.
  • A woman said, “look out, Madera residents. Meth is a problem here. Be afraid, very afraid.”
  • A man said, “I read where Fresno is spending a million dollars on their parks thanks to the city council. I thought they were broke. I’d like to see half that spent on our parks. Especially those on the east side of the tracks other than the Youth Center.”

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