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Romney’s income taxes are non-issue

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webmaster | 08/27/12

It is getting very boring to continually hear the Democrats complain that Mitt Romney will not release more of his tax returns and think he is lying. I would not like to release my tax returns either because someone would probably find a mistake and make a mountain out of a mole hill. I could probably find a mistake of some kind on most people’s returns.

Romney says he made $21 million last year. Good for him. He paid about 13.6 percent in taxes; that is $2,856,000, which is more than most people make. Most of his income is investment income and he pays capital gains taxes, which are lower than regular income tax rates, otherwise he would be paying more in taxes.

I certainly don’t pay more in taxes than Ihave to and I figured I paid 17 percent in federal taxes. We have about 45 percent of the U.S. that pay no income tax at all.

Some people have tried for years to get Obama to release his college records which he has refused to do. So, does he have something to hide? President Obama is spending our tax money faster than any president in history but hopefully in November that will come to an end.

Frank Bradford,


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