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Resident says film should be seen

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webmaster | 09/17/12

The most important election in the history of our country is less than 60 days away and your vote for president will be the most important vote of your life. Not just yours, but also the lives of your children and your grandchildren and our whole country. Your vote has never been more important than it is now. Our future is at stake.

You should know who you are voting for, You cannot be informed if you have your head in the sand. Voting should not be a popularity contest. It would be better not to vote if your vote is based on popularity.

Whether you like him or not, you really need to know who President Obama is and is not. You need to know who his friends and mentors were and are. His maternal grandfather, a socialist, hand-picked a mentor for him as a young man: Frank Marshal Davis, a card-carrying communist, card No. 47544.

Candidate Obama promised transparency and he is probably the least transparent president ever. Why will he not release his college writings and thesis? Does he have something to hide? What does he really believe in? Haven’t you ever even wondered who he really is? Go and see the movie, “Barack Obama, 2016.” You will have to go into Fresno, but it is so worth the information. You need to know who our president is. To ignore the truth in this is dangerous for our country and your family. Don’t be fooled. Your grandchildren will pay.

Go see it and then take your teenagers and friends. They also need to know who he is and is not. Your children especially, need to know who he is.

Jon Barsotti,


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