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Resident’s reasons for favoring casino

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webmaster | 02/29/12

Since the North Fork Indian Rancheria started the process of opening the casino north of Madera on Highway 99, there has been opposition to their attempting to do this, and well there should be. As we all know there are two sides to everything, and we have seen the opinions of several people, both for and against, printed in the Tribune, and in the Bee.

But I, for one, am glad that it’s coming, and the sooner the better. Some people that are opposed to it say that for religious reasons people will go to the “devil” for going there to either work, eat, or for other reasons they can think of.

The casino has its good sides and its bad sides. They say the casino will be built on non-Indian land. White man records now show this is possibly true, but if records going farther back could be found I bet it would show that this land was owned by people that have been forced to live on reservations, not by choice but forced to live there by the people that wanted and got their land. No offense intended, but are the African Americans or the Asian people now forced to live on reservations?

Those that oppose it are saying that the Indians have been given enough land, because the African Americans, the Asian people were not and have not been given anything. This is probably true in some cases. But stop and think about it. The Indians settled this area as history shows, then it was taken away from them by greedy white people that wanted it for their own reasons, which was green, as in money. Now that the Indians are struggling to get back on their feet, local ministers are opposing the idea of the casino because they apparently think that all that will spend money gambling at the casino are evil.

However, the North Fork Indians will not be standing on street corners saying “Come spend your money at our casino or something evil will happen to you.” All that go there should know their limits of what to spend or what not to spend.

How many of the opposing people themselves or their relatives will apply for jobs to better themselves when the casino is being built and is open? Nobody is forcing anyone to go to the casino and lose all their money, or take food from their families’ mouths.

And one that goes to the casino to gamble has to be over the age of 21 to gamble, and people of that age are supposed to be adults.

How many now go to the other casinos in our area to spend a night out, do a little gambling, have a nice dinner? Why not have that money spent locally, where those that oppose, as well as those that want the casino, can enjoy the results in local tax revenue. Let’s face it, the opposition to the casino is nothing but the fear of losing money now made by the other casinos, fear of losing money.

Why do you think Fresno County is pushing so hard to stop it? Because Fresno County is worried about people gambling to extreme or worried about the people of Madera County? No, it’s because it has the fear of losing the green, answer money, and of course that is the same reason Madera County and the North Fork Indian Tribe want the casino.

It’s because of money, to improve their and your way of life. Madera County wants to better the people of the county and city of Madera. Even those that oppose the project will in the long run see the results of the “evil” tax money.

Let’s face it, no one forces anyone to gamble. They gamble because they want to, if not in Madera at the proposed new casino, they will go to the other locally Indian owned casinos and spend to their hearts’ content. Why not have that money spent locally?

Don Hall,


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