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Relay for Life gets rave reviews

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webmaster | 05/07/13

All comments are edited for length and content.

  • A lady “read the story on the police busting the prostitution ring here in Madera. They actually name all five or six prostitutes. Why can’t they name their customers? Wouldn’t that be more fair?”
  • “My complaint, and I’ve made complaints before,” began a woman, “is that every time I go to Rancho San Miguel Market people are paying for groceries and they always walk out without paying for items that are underneath their cart. Then, to top it off, they always end up paying with an EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) card. I wish the manager would put someone at the door to ask to see a receipt for large purchases because every single time I walk out, after paying for my items with cash, these particular people walk out with cases of soda and water without paying.”
  • A lady responded “to the man who said teachers should try farming. Is he for real? Maybe if he would have gone to school he wouldn’t be out there working for pennies. These teachers probably teach his kids. Without teachers we wouldn’t have presidents, technicians, doctors, and scientists.” (Webmaster's note: Without farmers we wouldn't have food.)
  • “I agree with the woman who said Super King Restaurant isn’t that great,” said a caller. “I tried a cheeseburger, and I’ve had better.”
  • A man “kept reading about Super King Restaurant,” and wanted to know where it is located. (Editor’s note: The restaurant’s address is 624 S Gateway Drive.)
  • “I read in last week’s Red Line that Leon Emo has done his last story on his desert travels,” began a man. “I was sorry to hear that. My wife and I really enjoy his ‘Meanderings’ and adventures in the desert.” (Editor’s note: Emo will be writing of his visits to the desert again. He stops his tours and journeys when the temperatures rise.)
  • A man called “in regards to the letter ‘School board acts like rulers of old.’ I totally agree with him. He’s right on the money that the public should be looking at the policies of MUSD.”
  • A woman called “because you hear so much about bad people and bad things in this world, but I know there are good people in this world you never hear about. My husband and I, in our 80s, were out for a walk today and we were fine, but tired and some water would have tasted good. A lady came up and asked, ‘didn’t you bring any water?’ She finished her walk and when we finished our walk this same woman had gone to her car and went out of her way to hand us two bottles of cold water. I don’t know if she will read this but there are good people in this world.”
  • A woman called “to let people know if you are purchasing gas at Avenue 17 and Road 26, to pay attention to what the pump says you are paying per gallon. They just argued with me about paying cash, which is 10 cents less than using credit. When you push to pump gas make sure it is the cash price you are being charged. Otherwise, they are charging you 10 cents more.”
  • In reference to a 5-year old in Kentucky fatally shooting his 2-year old sister, a woman said, “I’m almost speechless. Why would a 5-year-old need a gun? Only a moron, or someone inbred, or kicked in the head by a mule, would give a 5-year-old a gun. As for the colorful guns, that company should be sued. Guns are not toys.”
  • “I got a ticket at a T-ball game,” said a man. “I went to watch my grandson play t-ball and parked on Schnoor across from the fields and me and several other cars got a parking ticket. Don’t they have anything better to do?” (Note: There are ‘NO PARKING’ signs posted on the east side of Schnoor. Parking there does not allow fire engines from the nearby station to pass.)
  • “I just came from the Relay For Life,” said a man. “I’m from Southern California and we never see anything like this down there. What a wonderful event, and the people of Madera are very friendly.”
  • Another man “just wanted to thank all who were involved in the Relay For Life. This is my second year and what a beautiful park to have it in. All the teams, and people did a great job."
  • A woman said, “it was typical Relay. Smiling faces everywhere. I want to congratulate the Parks Department and Leon Emo for another great job. They were wonderful and Leon was everywhere again. I arrived at 6 a.m. Saturday morning and he was already there unlocking boxes and turning on power so we could have coffee. Thanks Madera for a terrific Relay.”
  • A man “wanted to congratulate the Madera PD (police department) on their successful stakeout Thursday morning at 6 a.m. on Howard Road. Several senior citizens were cited for improper turn violations while attempting to access the senior nutrition program at Town and Country Park. I had no idea the area was such a hub of criminal activity. After paying steep fines and increased insurance premiums some seniors will, undoubtedly, be forced to go to food programs within walking distance. Once the motorcycle patrolman, with an authoritarian attitude, cleans up the crime in this area, I suggest staking out a convalescent home or perhaps the downtown senior center. I also suggest the officer calls in for backup or at least a K9 unit, because we all know senior citizens are packing. After he cleans up the senior program he may want to focus on shopping cart thieves or cell phone drivers who are presently enjoying some type of immunity.”
  • A lady “has been following the teacher information and the school board meetings. All the rumors they were going to go on strike during testing and embarrass the school district. None of that happened. What did happen is we have a school board, which we elected, that is sadly, not doing their job for us. I don’t know who they are working for, but it sure isn’t the parents, or the teachers and it sure isn’t the children. Why can’t this board get their heads together and negotiate. They just sit and do nothing.”
  • “It didn’t take long for the stereotypical response that farmers are the only ones that do any work to show up in the Red Line,” said a man. “How laughable that comment is. Law enforcement, fire fighters, nurses, doctors, school district maintenance, bus drivers, your own field workers and even lowly school teachers, they don’t do any work? I grew up on a farm and went into law enforcement. People from all walks of life in this Valley work hard and get it done every day and most of them are not getting wealthy. And teachers are not the highest paid in the Valley by any means. So maybe you can stop the old boy propaganda and rhetoric, and while you’re at it, turn your attention to your old boy school board and the (current) superintendent being forced out of several school districts.”
  • “Max Rodriguez, chairman of the Board of Supervisors, made a mistake when he told a congressman to hit the road,” said a man. “Who’s he going to call when Madera needs a friend? You don’t do that to congressmen.”
  • “OMG, this is so ridiculous,” began a woman. “a (family name not understood) planning a family reunion, has a committee and some of them don’t even get along with each other. It is catered by a local restaurant, and the food isn’t any good. A couple of years ago many of us got food poisoning. Having to buy tickets for a family reunion is not a true reunion. God bless America and no-entry fee, true family reunions.”

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