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Red Line critic uses object of his ire

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webmaster | 01/07/14

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  • From a fan of the police force, with advice for the chief: “I’d like to give some recognition to the police force for its quick resolution as to catching those idiots that killed that kid who covered his brother’s body from harm. What I’d like to also say is I’d like our police chief be of a higher profile. Have news conferences and let the murderers around here know we’re not tolerating your bull anymore. Why not try riding around to see what the city’s about? I know he’s working here, does work here, or has worked here but still the situation warrants his high profile. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.”
  • Not a fan of the Red Line, but he uses it anyway: “While the personal attacks that you allow in your Red Line columns are mildly entertaining, I would submit that allowing people to criticize people or offices that know little or nothing about it, it’s unprofessional. Therefore, it becomes nothing more than unsubstantial gossip. This is not journalism. I’m not sure what the purpose of the Red Line is supposed to be; complaints regarding not receiving your newspaper on time, support of various clubs and sports teams, I do think that the appropriate use of the column … should not be … to personally attack innocent people. This is the coward’s way out regardless of the number of newspapers that are sold as a result. If these disgruntled callers have a legitimate complaint against a person they should report it to the proper authorities and not take the coward’s way by making anonymous calls to the newspaper that are rarely-checked statements for truth or authenticity or accuracy.”
  • A sharp-eyed reader comments: “I have a message for the Red Line. Your Jan. 2 edition had a headline about welcoming (the first baby of) 2013. I actually believe that this year now is 2014, and perhaps you need a new proofreader.”
  • An online reader would appreciate less air pollution: “Came back from Fresno New Year’s Eve, where there were no smoky skies, and entered Madera’s smoke-filled streets comparable to the smoke that filled Madera and the valley during the height of the summer wildfires that burned statewide during the summer. So much for the ‘no burn days’ that many Maderans apparently continue week after week to ignore. Even our clothes smelled of smoke after we entered our home. Luckily I had my inhaler handy for the ensuing asthma attack I suffered.”
  • An online reader commented this week on a Feb. 15, 2013, article about a Fresno man arrested for online enticement of a 13-year-old boy for sexual activity as well as distribution of child pornography: “What happened to this sicko? I knew him and always thought he was a freak ... I hope they locked ... (him) up for a long time!”
  • Another Internet visitor commented on a December article about the high-speed rail project: “It’s almost humorous how much Sacramento wants all this bond money just to spend it on something that never will be high-speed rail! To argue that the people who were bilked by their new high-speed rail plan have no standing to bring a case (against it) is typical Sacramento bull.”
  • Late last year, two readers of our website disagreed with a letter to the editor praising local District Attorney Michael Keitz for his office’s prosecution of an animal-abuse case. One wrote: “Michael Keitz had absolutely nothing to do with that case and deserves not one word of praise for the outcome. You should be thanking Deputy District Attorney Mary Thornton, who actually prosecuted the matter, diligently and vigorously.” The other wrote: “I agree. Keitz always takes the credit for what his attorneys do. He doesn’t go to court or handle any cases and yet he gets his name in the paper for every big case so the community will think he is working. I have several friends in that office and in the courthouse — they know the truth. I hope the voters of Madera learn the truth and vote him out of office.”
  • Also in 2013, a person made this comment: “Leon Emo is one of my heroes. There is not a better person I know ... Love ya Leon, and your lovely wife too.”

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