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Reasons for voting yes on Prop. 39

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webmaster | 11/05/12

I believe you may be well off to give a little voice to Proposition 39, which three members of my family have voted for.

Prop. 39, in my humble opinion, is much better for both the state and the people of California than either 30 or 38.

Prop. 39 would stop businesses that do business here in California from taking monies from this state without first paying taxes due in the production of income in California, even though they may have a corporate headquarters set up in another state in order to avoid the paying of taxes here in the state where they have earned their income.

California is the world’s ninth-largest economy. That said, we have a whole lot of leverage in that if they wish to partake of the opportunity to earn profit here then it should be expected that they also contribute to the California tax structure.

In short, if they wish to sell to the ninth-largest world economy, then pay the state tax due for the privilege of doing business here or get out.

I assure you there will be many other companies that would be more than willing to take over, for instance, for Walmart or Sam’s Club.

Prop. 39 will make much-needed money to be used for the purpose of further funding of our schools and in creating more jobs through road repairs and other state infrastructure and buildings.

That, in turn, will create much-needed spending here in our local economy. Every dollar kept here through taxes due this state will generate at least seven times that same dollars before leaving this state.

We do not need Prop. 30, nor do we need Prop. 38 at the expense of the work and toil of the state’s working people.

It would make much more sense to have the tax actually due here to be collected from those organizations that see their way clear to use tax loopholes to avoid paying that tax that is rightfully due this state.

It is in the best interest of the state of California to promote and to pass Prop. 39.

I am a retired U.S. Army veteran, a retired construction worker and a great-grandfather. I am also a naturalized citizen.

Victor M. Sienze,


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